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Hapless Hillingdon| Borough Named as One of the Worst for Driving Theory Test Pass Rates

It’s official, the Borough of Hillingdon in West London has one of the worst driving theory test pass rates in Britain. Sorry to say chaps, it’s you that’s letting the side down! The numbers don’t lie, and they’re pretty damning gents. Let’s hope for an improvement when the next set of stats are published…

Yes… the picturesque borough of Hillingdon has a dark secret. Its residents are dreadful at the driving theory test! Uxbridge in particular has dragged the borough down the driving theory test pass rates ranking chart following an analysis of nearly two million tests taken in 2017.

According to recently released stats, just 15,756 learner drivers managed to pass the driving theory test, out of 36,149 who took it, representing a pitiful 43.5% success rate – well below the national average of 49%.

Bradford spares Hillingdon’s driving theory test blushes Only Bradford kept Hillingdon from the bottom of the chart, with the Yorkshire city’s learner drivers recording a dreadful 42.8% pass rate.

The data highlights that in Uxbridge – as with everywhere else in the country – it’s the men that are doing the damage. Of the 18,352 gents that took the test, a paltry 7,767 were successful, representing a 42.3% pass rate.

Fewer women took the test, but still managed a higher pass percentage than the men. 7,958 out of 17,796 achieved a pass, representing a 44.7% success rate.

National average less than 50%

In Britain, 1,915,343 driving theory tests were attempted… 939,071 passed. The highest pass rate award goes to the Kent town of Tunbridge Wells, which recorded an impressive 58.2% pass rate – well above the national average of 49%

In London, Southwark achieved the highest pass percentage rate, with learner drivers recording a respectable 52.9% success rate. Again, women had the more superior pass rate with 50.9% compared to 49% for the men.

If you live in the London borough of Hillingdon, now’s the time to take your theory test… not only for yourself, but to restore some pride!

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