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Find a theory test centre

To find a theory test centre, one should first check the location of the centre. The centre is important as it can help you with your driving licence. There are some centres that provide services in English and other languages too. You may also have to choose between choosing an automatic or manual machine for your exam depending on what type of car you drive and whether you prefer to take a written or practical test .

Once you have found the centre, it is advisable to book an appointment as soon as possible. If you do not get a slot on your first attempt, then try again later. You can also wait for a few days before trying again if there are no slots available after that time period.

How to Find a Theory Test Centre

Finding a theory test centre is not an easy task. In order to find the best centre, you need to take into account several factors like location, driving environment and cost of tests. You can also get help from your friends or family members for finding the right centre.

Aberdeen Theory Test Centre

Aberdeen Theory Test Centre is a centre that provides an accurate theory test centre. Aberdeen, Scotland has been ranked the best place to live in Europe by Numbeo survey and it also happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists visiting Britain. It has a very low crime rate, good education system and is rich with natural beauty like waterfalls, mountains etc.

Arriving at Sheffield Theory Test Centre

The centre is located at the centre of Sheffield, so you won’t have to travel far to get there. This means that even if you are travelling from a distance, you will still be able to reach it easily.

Corby theory test centre to move to Rushden

Rushden centre will be moving to Corby in 2021, which is a centre that offers the same services as Rushden centre. The move has been planned for over 2 years and it is good news for all Rushden residents who are planning to take the theory test.

Important reminder about new theory test centre locations

The General Medical Council (GMC) has been asked to provide a further statement about the new theory test centre locations for medicine and surgery. The GMC has received a number of queries from people who were unaware that their centre had changed. They may be concerned that they are not familiar with the layout of their centre, or worried about getting lost when visiting it for their tests. The GMC is therefore reminding all centres in England and Wales to make sure they are clearly signposted as theory test centres during this period, so as to avoid any confusion.

Leicester Theory Test Centre

The centre provides the best theory test centre for Leicester. The centre offers a great deal of facilities to all the candidates including:

1) Computer-based test preparation and practice – The centre has two computer-based tests that are available at various centres across the country. These include first time driving licence, provisional driving licence, learner driver practical exam and theory exam in addition to DSA (Directive Support Unit) exams for employees employed by local authorities or police forces.

2) Theory Test Centre – The aim of this is to provide people with a good service before they take their theory test so that they can prepare properly before taking it on site at one of our centres in Leicester City Council’s area  or any other areas within.

Closure of St Helens theory test centre branded ‘disappointing and wrong’

St Helens Council is a local authority which closed its centre in Manchester Road, St Helens. The centre was used by over 7,000 pupils each year and offered theory tests to the majority of children aged 11-16.

The decision to close the centre had been met with criticism from parents who said it would make travelling out of town for their children’s education more difficult as they would have to travel further distances than before.

In response a spokesperson for St Helens Council said: “We are sorry that we were unable or unwilling to keep this service open.”

Your personal belongings at the Theory Test Centre

Theory Test centre is a centre where you can take your car for the theory test. You can also bring your personal belongings and other things that are required for the test, such as mobile phones etc. The centre has different sections like an indoor section with a seating arrangement, an outdoor section and parking facility.

More theory test centres in the UK

More theory test centres in the UK will be a good step towards increasing the number of candidates taking their driving tests. The more centre there are, the greater selection of people who can take their theory tests and get them ready for getting their license. It also helps to improve road safety on British roads by ensuring that everyone is able to drive safely.

Blackpool’s driving theory test centre to close with learners told to travel to Preston

Blackpool’s driving theory test centre is to close with learners told to travel to Preston. The centre, which has been in Blackpool since the 1960s, is expected to close on 31 December 2019.

Scunthorpe Driving Theory Test Centre

Scunthorpe Driving Theory Test Centre is one of the best centre in scunthorpe that provides driving theory test. It helps students to pass their driving theory test and get a license. The centre also has many facilities like parking, car wash, car park etc which makes it more convenient for customers to reach there easily .

Theory Test Centre in Warrington, Cheshire –


It is the right time to book a theory test centre in London. The best way to save money and also get higher marks than your competitors is by booking a centre at London Theory Test Centre. You can easily know what you are going through if you go for online study. Online study has many advantages as it saves money, time and energy of the students who want high marks from their studies

Driving theory test centre in south Essex to close next month

The centre, which has been operating in South Essex since 1987, will close next month after the government announced plans to merge more than 400 driving test centres. The centre is expected to be replaced by a single centre in Beckton, East London.

Region A theory test centres

Region A theory test centre is a centre where you can get your theory test done. It will help you to pass the exam with ease and save time. If you want to buy the car of your choice, then this centre will be useful for that purpose as well.

Enfield Theory Test Centre Address

Enfield Theory Test Centre is one of the oldest theory test centre in Enfield. They have been providing theory test centre for many years, with a variety of experienced instructors who provide you clear and concise information on all types of questions asked during the exam. The centre provides live mock tests to help candidates prepare for their exams.

Two Essex driving theory test centres are due to close from September

Two Essex driving theory test centre are due to close from September. As a result, thousands of people will have to travel further afield for their tests. The centre in Southend is due to shut down in October while the centre in Basildon will be closed by the end of this year.

Driving theory test centre set to move – here’s when and where

Driving theory test centre set to move – here’s when and where

The AA has said it is moving its centre for driving theory tests from the Royal Hospital Road in Chelsea to a new site on Paddington Green. The AA says that the moves will help improve road safety, as well as giving drivers more time to focus on their driving skills.

Fight to keep driving theory test centre in Scunthorpe

The centre is a fantastic resource for people who want to keep driving theory test centre in Scunthorpe. It’s great that the centre can provide students with a place where they can study and relax at the same time. The centre also has some fantastic facilities, including a café and toilets, which are very important when you’re learning something new.

DVSA set to close St Helens driving theory test centre

Driving theory test centre in St Helens will close from the start of February.

The centre, at the St Helen’s Centre on Stafford Road, is currently being run by a private company and was set to close when its contract expired last October. The move means all driving theory tests will be taken elsewhere until further notice.

Blackpool driving theory test centre to close with learners told to go to Preston

The centre will close with learners told to go to Preston. Blackpool driving theory test centre has been forced into closure because of a lack of customers.


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