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DVSA headquarters in Cambridge Moves to Create New Driving Test Centre

DVSA headquarters in Cambridge has relocated from its Chesterton Road base to brand new facilities at the Brookmount Court development. The moves comes as the DVSA looks to expand its holdings and create a new driving test centre in the city. Here’s what you need to know…

The DVSA has agreed a 10-year lease with Padmanor Investments Limited to occupy new premises at Brookmount Court. The new, 5,540 sq ft ground floor space, occupying units A and B, is located on King Hedges Road, near the Cambridge Science Park and the A14. The venue is set to become a new driving test centre hub for the DVSA.

Steven Harvey, a Cheffins associate who let the facility on behalf of Padmanor Investments Ltd, said: “The DVSA’s decision to relocate to Brookmount Court is indicative of the comprehensive refurbishment which the building has undergone over the past few years.”

DVSA upgrading facilities

The Cambridge relocation is one of many recent moves the DVSA has orchestrated in an attempt to provide learner drivers and instructors with better facilities. There has been a spate of test centre closures and relocations. However, not all moves have gone smoothly.

Some towns and cities, where the DVSA has decided to relocate its driving test premises, have been left without new facilities as the agency struggles to secure new sites. However, the Cambridge move is arguably the best yet as the DVSA moves into what has been described as a ‘high-spec’ building.

The facility is said to be a hub for research and development companies, and provides ample parking – a necessary requirement for DVSA facilities, which have often failed to provide adequate parking for learner drivers and instructors.

Chesterton Driving Test Centre pass rates

Data captured between April 2016 and March 2017 revealed that the male driving test pass rate at the facility was 52.7 per cent, while 49.5 per cent of women were successful.

The Chesterton facility lacked disabled access and had no toilets available. The Brookmount Court venue represents an upgrade, with improved accessibility and conveniences.

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