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DVSA gets more time to find new home for motorbike and LGV test centre in Shetland

After failing to find a new home for motorbike and LGV driving tests in Shetland, the DVSA has been given more time to find new premises. LGV and motorcycle tests will continue to be conducted at the old Anderson High School in Lerwick until the end of May.

On March 16, Book Theory Test Today published a blog highlighting the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency’s failure to find a new base for LGV and motorcycle tests in Shetland. The DVSA was told by the Shetland Island Council (SIC) to leave the old school car park by 31 March, amid plans to redevelop the site.

However, the DVSA was unable to find a new location and the SIC has since granted the agency more time. The car park was going to be used as storage for wheelie bins as part of the SIC’s new recycling centre set to open in July. However, a SIC spokesperson said the recycling facility is being relocated to Rova Head.

LGV and Motorcycle Tests in Shetland

The two-month extension means that testing for the likes of Shetland Motorbike Training and Drive Shetland shouldn’t face disruption if a new site is sourced in time. The DVSA claimed to have its sights set on a new facility off the old North Road near the holiday houses in Decca. However, it seems this failed to materialise.

As a consequence, Shetland Motorbike Training and Drive Shetland feared they would have to close as a result of the DVSA’s inability to find a new site. However, Steve Henry of Sheltand Motorbike Training, said: “The extension is good news for the local training companies.”

Director of Operations for the DVSA, Peter Hearn, said: “The agency is continuing to source a suitable alternative to the school site. Shetland Islands Council has extended the lease at Anderson High School in Lerwick, ensuring that the DVSA can continue to provide motorcycle module 1 and large goods vehicle tests until 31 May this year.”

A DVSA statement reiterated that relocating the test centre would not disrupt car driving tests or motorcycle module 2 tests because they have been ‘scheduled to continue as normal.’

Alistair Carmichael, MP for the Northern Isles, said: “The DVSA knows what it needs to do in order to continue providing a service to the people of Shetland. That is what the taxpayer pays them to do. We need to hear from them, and soon, about how they are going to go about doing that.”

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