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Driving theory test scam rates on the rise

Driving theory test scam rates on the rise

The number of learner drivers trying to con their way to a full driving licence is on the rise, according to new data. While we don’t condone cheating, we understand it. The cost of learning to drive is astronomical, meaning the price of failure is expensive, and the desperation to pass is leading learners astray. Here’s the latest!

Recently released DVSA data reckons that as many as 10 people a week are trying to cheat their way to a driving licence in the UK. In 2016, the number of practical driving tests taken involving fraud hit 114 – a six year high. 13 arrests were made by police as result.

That’s nothing compared to the driving theory test! Last year, officials reported a staggering 414 cases where they suspected foul play, ranging from the use of devices and impersonators attempting to take a driving theory test on behalf of someone else. These incidents resulted in 99 arrests.

Driving theory test and practical exam ‘gangs’ The emergence of ‘gangs’ charging learner drivers up to £2,500 to take a driving theory test or practical exam has led to an increase in scam cases and arrests. Last year, four men were jailed for impersonating candidates across the West Midlands.

The DVSA’s head of counter-fraud, Andy Rice, said: “We have stringent measures in place to detect fraud and are working closely with the police.”

However, despite Rice’s claim, cases of fraud continue to rise. It’s becoming a real problem and there are a number of factors fuelling the epidemic, one being the cost of learning to drive. With fees spiralling out of control, learners are desperate to pass to avoid being left out of pocket.

Wannabe drivers find themselves in a situation where the pressure to pass is unbearable, with many spending hundreds of pounds to get to the stage where they are ready to take a driving test. This pressure is leading many learner drivers astray, but ultimately they end up out of pocket anyway.

Those people that they’re hiring to impersonate them often get caught, leaving learner drivers short of a driving theory test certificate or full driving licence, and their cash. Learner drivers can only get their licence on their own merit, not by cheating according tp driving instructors up and down the country.

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