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Driving Theory Test Pass Rates

New research makes for embarrassing reading for men after it was revealed that women have been outperforming gents on the driving theory test every year, for the past 10 years. Gents…what has happened to driving theory test pass rates among the male population? Here’s what we know.

Car leasing specialists, Leasing Options, released new research recently showing that driving theory test pass rates among female learner drivers have surpassed their male counterparts every year for the past decade! In 2017, more than 50% of women who took the test passed, compared to 46% of men.

However, men redeem themselves when it comes to practical driving test pass rates, with a 50.3% success rate, compared to 43.4% of women over the past 10 years.

Celebrity driving instructor, Noel Gaughan, said: “In my opinion, women make better drivers, hands down. In my experience they are more aware of what is around them and they work harder on the theory test.

Driving Theory Test Pass Rates Poor, but Practical Test is where Men Excel

However, when it comes to the driving test, Gaughan said ‘it’s a matter of confidence.’ In his experience, he’s found male drivers to be much more confident on the road, but jokingly he said: “That doesn’t mean I’d be as confident leaving my own car keys with them though.”

According to another driving instructor, female learners tend to be quicker at applying the theory side of driving than men, but stressed that being ‘open to learning’ was the important thing.

Men Involved in More Accidents

Despite more men getting to the road faster than women, safety charity Brake highlighted that males account for 74% of road traffic deaths in the UK, 70% of serious injuries and 59% or minor injuries. Although though men have a higher practical test success rate, they’re not necessarily the safest drivers.

It’s time for male learner drivers to get better at applying the theory to the practical!

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