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Driving Tests Cancelled because of Beast from the East

Britain has been blasted by snowy conditions over the last week, forcing driving test centres to cancel exams. #BeastfromtheEast was trending on Twitter as blizzard like conditions wreaked havoc up and down the country. Here’s what you need to do to rebook your cancelled driving test.

Poor weather conditions can force driving test centres to close, resulting in driving tests getting cancelled at the last minute. It’s likely that this has happened to you over the past week or so. Driving exams will not go ahead if weather conditions are dangerous, which includes icy and snow covered roads, flooding, thick fog or high winds.

You can check if your driving test will go ahead by calling the telephone number found at the bottom of your booking confirmation. The number will be listed under the section about bad weather on the day of your driving exam.

Alternatively, you can visit the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) website to check the status of your test. Your local driving test centre will also put out notifications of test centre closures as a result of bad weather. Simply access the Twitter feed @DVSA_HelpMe

Changing the Date of Your Driving Test

If your test is cancelled due to poor weather conditions, it will automatically be rebooked. However, if the new date is unsuitable, you can change it to a time that’s convenient, free of charge. Unfortunately, if you don’t give notice within three clear working days, you will have to pay for your driving test again.

You can change a driving test appointment a maximum of six times, after that you have to cancel your test to rebook it.

Cancelling a Test Because of Bad Weather

You can cancel a test online between 6am and 11.40pm. However, you’re not entitled to a full refund unless you give three clear working days’ notice – Sundays and bank holidays do not count as working days. This means you can’t just cancel your test on the day and expect to get your money back.

To get a refund, you can submit an ‘out of pocket expenses’ request if the DVSA cancels your test at short notice. Provided you give three working days’ notice to cancel your test, you will also receive a refund.

The DVSA’s deputy chief driving examiner, Gordon Witherspoon, said: “The agency conducts more than 1.7 million car practical driving tests each year and only a small number of these are cancelled by the agency. We know that short notice cancellations are very frustrating for our customers and work to ensure that tests can go ahead wherever possible.”

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