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Driving Skills What Makes You a Good Driver? Your Star Sign, Apparently

The signs of the zodiac have a bearing on your driving skills, apparently! If you believe in that sort of thing, what does your star sign say about your driving ability? Book Theory Test Today looks at the stars to find out which zodiac signs foretell better drivers…

Not everyone takes to driving naturally, recent statistics show that less than 50% of learner drivers will pass a theory test first time, while many more will fail the practical exam on multiple occasions, racking up huge costs.

Then there are those that take 20 lessons, spend two hours revising for their theory test and seem to earn a driving licence with the bare minimum of effort. Is this simply down to some people having a better aptitude for driving than others? Or, are greater forces at work?

Driving Skills Affected By Your Star Sign

Well, according to a study in Australia, your star sign could have a bearing on your driving skills! 100,000 drivers in Australia were tested, and based on their star sign, researchers could determine if they were most or least likely to break driving laws.

Australian car sharing company GoGet, analysed more than one million trips made by 100,000 of its members to find out which star signs were more likely to get busted for flouting road rules.

Here are the results:

GoGet identified Leos and Pisceans as the worst offenders who, between them, racked up the most number of fines. Close behind came Aries and Virgos.

Based on a number of driving offences, GoGet’s research revealed that those most and least likely to:

* Run a red light, were:

Most likely: Pisces

Least likely: Virgo

* Miss a payment, were:

Most likely: Leo

Least likely: Scorpio

* Speed, were:

Most likely: Leo

Least likely: Libra

* Park in a no stopping zone, were:

Most likely: Pisces

Least likely: Gemini

* Illegally drive in a bus lane, were:

Most likely: Libra

Least likely: Taurus

A spokesperson for GoGet, said: “This research is fun, but if you find some truth to the results, use it as an excuse to be a better driver. It’s always good to remind ourselves to drive safe.”

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