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Do You Need To ReTake A Theory Test Following A Medical Condition

We’re often asked if a recently diagnosed medical condition, which could affect your ability to drive, means you have to retake your driving theory test or practical exam. Here’s some clarification for you…

Medical circumstances often affect our ability to drive and, in the interests of your safety and the safety of other road users, you may have your licenced suspended until you’re deemed well enough to drive.

The good news is you won’t have to re-take your driving theory test, however, you will be required to re-apply for your driving licence.

It’s nothing personal when you have your driving licence suspended due to a medical condition, it’s to protect you and other road users. You do at least avoid the stress of having to take the theory test again and re-applying for your driving licence is simple.

How Will You Know If Your Licence Has Been Suspended?

The DVSA will issue you with a letter when your licence is being suspended or removed. If you have already re-applied you will receive a letter notifying you if your application has been successful.

This letter will inform you that there is a period of time that you have to wait before you can apply again. The official DVSA website says that you can re-apply 8 weeks before the end of this period.

You’re advised to consult your doctor before you submit a re-application for your driving licence to ensure that you meet the required medical standards to be able to operate a vehicle again following your illness.

In order to re-apply for your car or motorcycle licence, you’re required to complete a D1 application form and enclose a form regarding your medical condition. You will then need to submit these forms to the DVSA. You may also be required to send further evidence highlighting your fitness to drive.

To re-apply for a bus, coach or lorry licence you need to send a completed D2 form, and the supporting medical condition form, to the DVSA.

Please note, with regards to bus, coach or lorry licences, if you’re aged between 45 and 65 you will also need to submit a D4 form (if you haven’t done so in the past 5 years) and send it to the DVSA along with your D2 form. Again, along with your D2 form, you may also be asked to send evidence of your fitness to drive.

From the age of 65, it’s compulsory for you to renew your licence every 12 months, and when applying your application must have a completed D4 medical report form enclosed.

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