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Beware the Driving Law Facebook Scam DVSA Warns

The DVSA has been alerted to a scam social media post circulating on Facebook concerning UK driving law. To set the record straight, the DVSA has issued a warning about the scam. Here’s what it is and what you need to do, should you come across it…

The DVSA is urging motorists to ignore a post that’s circulating on Facebook, giving false details about UK driving law concerning mobile phone use. This latest DVSA scam claims that drivers caught using their mobile phones while driving will instantly lose their driving licence.

The post, which has been made to look like an official message containing GOV.UK branding and a URL link, has been duping the general public. The post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, with motorists obviously convinced that the message was genuine.

What Does the Message Say About UK Driving Law and Mobile Phones?

The message looks and reads very convincingly at first glance, saying…

“NEW LEGISLATION has passed today in Parliament that anybody caught using a mobile phone whilst driving or whilst the engine is running will lose their Driver’s Licenses on the spot for 3 months.

“No excuse will be tolerated or accepted by a Police Officer.

“As soon as you get into the vehicle turn on the Bluetooth technology of the car or phone.

“If you don’t have Bluetooth technology you have to safely pull over switch off your car engine then you may be answer your mobile phone.

“Keep in mind that even though you have pulled over & your engine is running you will still cop the full wrath of by the law.

“So turn off your car engine if you don’t have Bluetooth prior to answering your mobile phone.”

…However, closer inspection reveals some tell-tale signs that the message was fake. Book Theory Test Today has highlighted some of the language used that doesn’t make sense or sound professional.

DVSA confirms fake message

The DVSA has since confirmed that the message is a fake, releasing the following statement:

“You might have seen a post on Facebook over the last few days saying a new law has been passed, and anyone caught using a hand-held mobile phone while driving will instantly lose their driving licence for 3 months. This is not true.”

The genuine UK driving law concerning mobile phone use behind the wheel is six penalty points and a £200 fine. Your licence will only be revoked if you passed your driving test within two years of the offence taking place.

Stay vigilant and if the post happens to appear in your Facebook feed, ignore it!

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