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A Book Theory Test Today Guide to Saving Money While Learning to Drive

Every passing year, learning to drive becomes a more expensive pursuit, and 2018 is no different. With that in mind, Book Theory Test Today provides some practical tips for saving money as a learner driver.

Learning to drive is arguably one of the most expensive things in life. However, the rewards for passing your UK driving theory test and the subsequent practical test are great.

Choosing the right Driving School/Instructor

Selecting a cost-effective service provider for your driving lessons is the first step to keeping your driving expenses to a minimum. Shop around, do your research, read online reviews and consult friends and family that have taken lessons. All these steps will lead you to a driving school/instructor that will provide the service you require within your budget.

Driving schools are a good place to start as they offer discounts for block bookings and such is the competitiveness between driving schools to secure new clients, you can negotiate on price in order to get the best deal for you.

Consider intensive driving courses also as they could potentially work out cheaper. However, be warned, intensive driving courses require a lot of commitment and you will need to make sure you can dedicate the time.

Booking Your Driving Theory Test

You may be unaware, but when you book your theory test it is cheaper to take your test during the week. Book Your Theory Test Today can book your UK driving theory exam on your behalf if you don’t have the time.

Simply visit our official website – – complete the quick online form and we’ll do the rest. Furthermore, you can take advantage of our three free retests scheme. If you’re unsuccessful 1st, 2nd or 3rd time around, we’ll pay for your retest, saving you even more money!

Booking Your Practical Driving Test

Again, booking your practical driving test as a weekday appointment is cheaper than taking it at the weekend. Where possible, try to book your practical test to take place during the day, you will be much more alert and fresh, giving you much more chance of passing, after all, the cost of failure is a retest at your expense.

Need help booking a practical driving test? Book Theory Test Today can book yours on your behalf; visit our official website – – for more details.

The Importance of Revision and Practice

Failing your driving theory test or practical test will mean that you have to re-sit them, meaning that you will incur extra costs. It is crucial that you go into your driving theory test fully prepared therefore, revision is vital. The same is true of your practical driving test; get as much practice as you can as the price of test failure leads to more costs.

Ready to Book Your Theory Test? Make an online driving test booking or theory test appointment with us, today and take advantage of our three free retests scheme.

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