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5 of the Hottest Tips to Pass the 2017 Theory Test

5 of the Hottest Tips to Pass the 2017 Theory Test

If you’re like every other learner driver in the UK, you loathe the idea of having to take the 2017 theory test. It’s an inconvenience, yes. Sadly, it’s a necessity. To make it as pain free as possible, here are 5 of the hottest tips from learner drivers who have passed the 2017 theory test - as posted on Twitter.

1. Book your theory test, like now…

This has got to be the best tip on Twitter this year. ‘To take the 2017 theory test, you need to book it. Can’t just turn up at the test centre.’

Yep, this Twitter user arrived at her local theory test centre thinking she could just pay on the day and take the exam. You can’t.

The fastest way is to book your theory test online.

You can do that with us – and take advantage of our 3 free retests scheme, which covers you if you fail 1st, 2nd and even 3rd time round.

2. Study… hard

‘Revising for the theory test is like an extension of school, but at least I passed. Yay!!!’

Another great quip from a Twitter user, but it goes to show that taking the time to study for the 2017 theory test actually pays off.

Head to our resources page to get the study guides you need to pass the driving theory test.

3. Don’t forget the hazard perception test

‘Wow 2 days until my theory & just found out there’s a hazard perception test which I haven’t revised for, don’t I just love being stupid x.’

We’re sure she’s not stupid, but we do recommend that you don’t forget to revise for the hazard perception test.

4. Put in the hours

‘Don’t leave your theory test revision until the last minute like me. My brain hurts.’

Good advice from this Twitter user. Leaving your theory test revision late is not a good idea.

You need to put in regular hours of revision to have any chance of passing.

Set aside a few hours a week to improve your knowledge. You can then take your test fully prepared.

5. Try a mock test

‘Best thing I did before passing my theory test was take a mock one. Thought I’d put that out there.’

Mock tests are a great way to practice the theory exam under test conditions.

There are hundreds of government authorised mock tests online that you can try out.

Make an online theory test booking with us, now

Make an online driving test booking or theory test appointment with us, today and take advantage of our three free retests scheme.

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