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3 Theory Test Questions Only Asked on the Motorcycle Exam

The structure of the motorcycle theory test is exactly the same as the car theory exam. You will be asked 50 multiple-choice questions, plus you will have to complete a hazard perception section. However, there will be some theory test questions that will only get asked on the motorbike exam…

1) What Does The Law Say About Carrying Luggage On A Motorcycle?

This is one of the most common theory test questions asked on the motorcycle exam. The answer is that all luggage must be securely fastened to a motorcycle to prevent it becoming hazardous to other road users, should it become dislodged.

This theory test question highlights the significant difference between cars and motorbikes, and why motorcycle riders are required to answer different theory test questions than those asked on the car exam. When it comes to carrying luggage or passengers, motorbikes and cars pose different challenges.

2) Why Is It Important To Check Your Motorbike Prior To A Long Journey On A Motorway?

Ensuring that your motorcycle is in good working order is vital because travelling many miles at high speed dramatically increases the chances of a motorbike breaking down. This doesn’t tend to be an issue for car drivers because the engine is generally more powerful. Motorbike engines require more maintenance, too!

3) What Should You Always Do When Leaving Your Motorbike Parked?

You should always apply the steering lock! Motorbikes are much more likely to be targeted by thieves, which means extra care is required to keep then secure. Motorcycles are more compact than cars and are easier to steal if not correctly secured.

Why Are Motorcycle Theory Test Questions Different?

Motorbikes are different to cars, it’s as simple as that. Bike safety and car safety are very different. For example, you’re unlikely to get asked about anti-lock brakes, seatbelts and four-wheel drive, on your motorcycle theory test. Different theory test questions have to be asked for the vehicle type you want to learn to drive or ride.

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