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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Book Theory Test Today

Are you legit? Are you part of the government? Why do you charge £44.99 for a service that costs £23 on The three most common questions asked about Book Theory Test Today are answered for your peace of mind. Our transparency is your right, and we take pride in the trust we’ve earned from our customers.

1. Is Book Theory Test Today legit?

Yes! We provide an alternative choice for booking your driving theory test or practical exam, plus we provide study resources and support that have helped thousands of people pass their tests. We provide instant appointments for bus, car, coach, driving instructor, lorry and motorcycle tests and driving exams.

We cover every UK test centre, including those located in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight. Meanwhile, we offer unique services that you can’t get when booking via the government website – including our Pass Protection Scheme.

2. Are you part of the government?

No… we are an independent service provider that is not affiliated with the government or the booking service. We provide customers with an alternative choice, offering perks, support and resources that are unavailable when booking a theory test or driving exam via the government website.

Our three, free retests scheme is a unique service that entitles individuals – who booked their test via our website – to up to three, free theory test resits in the event of failing the exam. We also help to reschedule or cancel test dates, no questions asked.

Plus, our cancellation finder service helps service users to find an earlier test date if needed.

3. Why do you charge £44.99 for a service that costs £23 on

Like any independent business, we have costs to cover. These include, but are not limited to:

* Staff costs

* Website hosting

* Administration costs

Plus, our fee reflects a package not provided by the government, including:

* Online training resources - for all theory test types.

* Pass Protection scheme - Free retest if you fail, worth £23.00 (T&Cs apply).

* Cancellation finder - Need an immediate test date? We will find it for you! Free of charge.

* Free test rescheduling - We will move your test as many times as you need.

* Email and text alerts - We will send you alerts regarding test dates, to make sure you don't miss your exam.

The purpose of Book Theory Test Today is to give customers a ‘one stop shop’ to book a theory test and practical test, saving people time and money. The cost of failing a theory test means you will pay £46 when booking through the government site, and £23 thereafter until you pass.

With more than 50 percent of learner drivers failing the theory test, and the government pocketing a whopping £23 million, between April 2016 and March 2017, from people who failed the exam, our Pass Protection guarantee serves as a safeguard for you – preventing you from having to pay for multiple tests if you fail.

Try out the Book Theory Test Today service

Our service makes booking a theory test and practical exam easy, cost-effective and hassle free. Try us out today and once you’ve booked, access all the resources you need to get you started on a lifetime of safe driving.

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