2019 Theory Test Plans Outlined by DVSA 2019 Theory Test Plans Outlined by DVSA
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2019 Theory Test Plans Outlined by DVSA

The DVSA has released its strategic plan for 2019, which includes an outlook on the 2019 theory test. The plan also includes annual facts and figures for the theory test with some interesting statistics. As 2018 draws to a close, Book Theory Test Today reviews the DVSA’s 2019 theory test plans.

One of the key points from the DVSA’s strategic plan is that they will be exploring options for a future delivery model for the theory test, as the contract with current service provider, Pearson VUE, expires in 2020.

Meanwhile, 2019 theory test plans involve further development, trialling and analysing of visual media clips used as part of the exam. The DVSA views media clips as a potential alternative to better test a learner’s ability to use their driving knowledge in context. Exploring other theory test provider options, and the continued development of the theory test, represent two of the DVSA’s key objectives in 2019.

Theory Test Facts and Figures

The DVSA’s 2019 theory test plans follow on from the agency’s 2018 annual review, which outlined some key theory test facts and figures, including:

* More than 2 million car theory tests have been conducted in 2018 * More than 80,000 motorcycle theory tests have been conducted in 2018

* Over 67,000 vocational multiple-choice tests were taken, along with almost 54,000 vocational hazard perception tests

Customers Happy with Theory Test Service

The DVSA’s 2019 strategic plan reports that there’s a 95% satisfaction rate among customers with the overall theory test service, adding that there has been a 98% digital-take up of the theory test. Meanwhile, the DVSA reported that in 2018, almost 1.9 million car practical driving tests were taken, along with approximately 125,000 motorcycle module 1 (off-road) and module 2 (on-road) tests and around 114,000 vocational practical tests.

2019 Theory Test Plans, Summary

As we head towards 2019, the DVSA’s strategic plan for the theory test for the next 12 months can be summarised as:

* Carrying out a review of requirements for the theory test in preparation for the next contract re-let

* Making improvements to theory test candidate and trainer booking systems

* Exploring alternative approaches to delivering the theory test, including emerging technologies that could give the DVSA greater flexibility in assessing learner drivers

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