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Driving Theory Test

Drone pilots will have to take a driving theory test as part of new government legislation. Find out more here…

Driving theory test for drones announced by government

Want to be a drone pilot? You’re going to have to take a driving theory test. As fears grow over a potential major accident, government ministers have said that anyone who owns or buys a drone will have to sit a driving theory test. What does this mean for wannabe drone pilots?

New government legislation will make it illegal to own a drone without providing personal details online, including your name and address. Following a sharp rise in the number of near misses involving drones, the government has announced that a driving theory test will be introduced to stop rogue flyers performing dangerous stunts.

Additionally, individuals will be expected to take a ‘safety awareness test’, answering questions on current rules, which include keeping your drone in view and not exceeding a height of 400 feet (120 metres).

When will drone owners have to take the driving theory test?

The finer details are not yet clear. It’s unknown if new buyers will have to take the theory test and register their details online prior to taking home a drone. Equally, it’s unclear how those who already own a drone will be made to register their machine and take the test.

What is clear is that the theory test is being introduced as part of new measures that will help authorities catch drone pilots flouting the law. Currently, it’s virtually impossible to trace a drone spotted flying in restricted air space.

As part of new measures, the government looks set to expand the use of ‘geo-fencing’ technology, which essentially builds an invisible defence around vital buildings such as power stations.

Driving theory test will not apply to children

The government has moved to quash rumours that children will be forced to register details and take a theory test, stressing that the tougher rules are not aimed at kids flying ‘light’ plastic drones sold in several toy shops. Instead, the driving theory test will only be applicable to owners of drones weighing 250g or more.

According to statistics published by the UK Airprox Board – which monitors the threat of mid-air collisions – there were 33 near misses between drones and aircraft in the first five months of 2017. By the end of 2016, 70 near misses were recorded, more than double the number logged in 2015.

Investigators have reported that some drone operators are flying their machines as close to planes as possible to capture spectacular videos.

What do you think about having to take a driving theory test for drones? Contact us with your comments.

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