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York Theory Test Centre


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York Theory Test Centre

You will have completed driving theory before booking a real driving test. There are theory test centres in England Scottish Wales including one in York. This brief guide contains information on York Theory Testing Centre. It is easy to book theory tests online or to find the information about York test centres.

Driving Theory Test Centres in York

York theory test center lies just outside the hustle of town, in a neighborhood called Holgate. It is easy to access from the city center but those who travel further will find it easy to get there early. Our guide includes information about transportation, local amenities, tickets and more!


For test booking by fax, email or online you only require a valid driver's license as outlined below. This theory test will be booked via a number of different techniques listed below. The driving and vehicles safety agencies are charged with overseeing all theory tests booking and Pearson Professional conducts theory tests in the field of automobile safety. During booking you should mention that your hearing is affected. Book a theory test online. A phone-only reservation system is offered for theory tests. The DVSA staff members are available to answer your questions about the reservation.


DVSA will email you a confirmation about the test date, time and reference number upon booking the test. Please check your email for any missing information. This email confirms your theory test dates and will give you a Reference Number. Although the test is not essential to take to a theory testing center, it is recommended that the user print out the email and send it back for help in any case to the team at the test center.


Most theory tests are located in the vicinity of trains and buses. Railway stations. York 24 1AB Stations.  York Theory Testing Centre is accessible in just over 12 minutes by foot. (0 km). Arrive in car: The York Theory Testing Center is in a business park. There is no allocated parking but parking in front of the test site is allowed.

How to book your theory test at the York Theory Test Centre

You may request your theoretical test from the DVSA directly. It is easy to book driving theory tests with us. We'll arrange your trip quickly. You'll find all that you need to pass the motorcycle theory exam and pass the theory test.


If you cannot take the theoretical test in the prebooked slot then it may be cancelled to a different time. It should take three days notice in advance of any changes to this or any option.

Where do you take your theory test in York?

The theory testing facility is just outside city hustle in the neighbourhood of Holgate. It is also quite easily accessible from the city centre so those travelling from further afield should not struggle to get to the testing in time.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Area areas with larger numbers of residents have a more prolonged wait time on driving tests compared to regions with smaller populations. At testing centres London has waits of up to twelve weeks.

Can you sit theory test online?

What is required to be eligible to take online theory tests? However, mobile devices and iPads cannot be purchased. Webcam and microphone allow for monitoring during testing as well.

When can you book your theory test?

You will be required to hold your preliminary licence in order for you to book this study. The only exception is if a person receives the mobility component of a Personal Independence Pay a student can then take their theory test from the age of 16 years.

What is the pass score for theory test?

There are almost 600 question banks, so you have to know all the right topics. The Hazard Perceptibility test scores 68 out of 75. To pass this exam you must pass both sections.

Can you do your theory test online?

This is a Windows version of Google's Chrome browser, and doesn' t support any other browser. A pass to the System Ready Test which checks your laptop for compatibility and then allows you to run the test.

What is the waiting time for theory test?

London testing centres usually wait at least 12 weeks before they are scheduled.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil Somerset took top spot with 67% passing rate followed by Dorchester Dorset (66%) Lee in Solent is fourth most difficult with a 66.8% passing rate and is followed by Blythe at 64.7 %.

What is the pass rate for driving test Centre?

There is another easy place in London to get the best driving exam: Tolworth Carshalton Uxbridge Pinner. Associated article.

Where is the easiest driving test?

Simplest test. Egyptians. The test required the driving of an Egyptian driver in front of an officer for a distance of 6 m. This requirement was re-designed by introducing a 10-question theories test. Manila. . Uganda. United Kingdom. ... Mexicans. ... Columbiana

What's the waiting time for driving test?

London tests are able to offer a waiting period of up to 12 months. While DVSA hires more driving examiners in highly populated areas test centres can only perform a limited number in one day.

Can I book my driving test straight away after failing?

Do not delay rebooking a driving test retake. The deadline is ten days and that's a perfect time to improve on the areas you've been struggling to solve.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in York You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.