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Wick Theory Test Centre


The Smith Room
First Floor
Pulteney Centre
Huddart Street


Driving Theory Test Centres in Wick

The Wick Theory Test Centre is currently operating from a moving vehicle in the grounds of Mackay's hotel, overlooking the Wick river. Learners should be aware that the test centre is easily accessible by public transportation.

PassMeFast wants you to prepare yourself for your theory test, so we've put together this useful guide. Read it before taking your test and you'll be ready for anything!

Arriving at Wick Theory Test Centre

There is a train station near this location. There is also a bus stop nearby. And there is a parking garage nearby.

Pass Rates by Year

The pass rate at Wick Theory Test Centre has been beating the national average over the last few years. However, it's important to remember that pass rates aren't really indicative of individual learner performance. The theory test will probably be pretty much the same anywhere you take it!

WickTheory Test Centre

Please double check the test centre location in your booking confirmation. Our test centre staff will be unable to answer any questions about test bookings.

Wick Theory Test Centre Address

Wick Theory Test Centre for cars, motorcycles and HGVs/LGVs is located in:


Practical driving tests are conducted by male only staff. There are no car parking facilities available. A ramp or wheelchair access is available to this test centre. This test centre provides tests for cars, motorcycles, and trailers.


Wick Driving Test Centre features many different road types on the day. There are several tests including a single test manoeuvre (turning left or right), the turning round a corner and reversing round a corner. The examiner decides what type of test you'll take.

The test from Wick has a 1/3 chance of stopping the car. From the 30 to 40 minutes of testing, 10 minutes of independent drive time is included. Knowing each test route isn't essential, though gaining an understand of the particularly difficult areas often prove beneficial.

Examiners who conduct the test develop the test routes for the test centre with the intention of taking test candidates through as many varied road type and traffic systems as possible. This is to ensure that test candidates can deal with any situation and often involves difficult areas such as roundabouts. Driving test routes may also be available to view or download an application for your mobile device in the area, including Wick Driving Centre.


Driving tests can be booked either via phone or online. Details for which can be found here. During the booking process, you will need your current provisional driving licence and your pass certificate for informational purposes. You will then be offered a selection of times and dates available for your day of the exam.

You can book a driving test by phone or online. You can also book a driving test at Wick Driving Test Centre.

You can change your driving test date up to three weeks before you take the test. Cancellation of the test requires giving three working days' notice. Saturday is considered a working day.


Driving tests are taken by people who want to get a license to drive cars. Pass rates vary depending on the location. You can take your test at any practical test center within the UK. Your results will be shown here.

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Guides and Tips

Studying hard for the theory test can help you pass the exam. You may fail the test if you do not study enough. Re-taking the test costs money. Driving hazards include other cars, pedestrians and animals.

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There is free parking at camps car park. It is about a 7-minute walk from camp sites car park.

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