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Ullapool Theory Test Centre


The Breakfast Room
Ground Floor
Morefield Motel
North Road
IV26 2TQ
IV26 2TQ



Learners in Ullapool should be aware that they do not need to travel far for their driving test. Their own practical test centre is located in the local fire station. However, due to the pandemics, this test centre has been relocated to the Church of Scotland.

You should be prepared before taking your driving test. Make sure you read this helpful guide about the Ullapool driving test.


Test centres conduct practical tests from Mondays to Fridays. Rural test centres may offer testing on a part time basis. When you book a test, you need to give details of your provisional driving licence and your theory test pass certificate.

You can book your driving test by phone or online. Most people book their driving test over internet. Free test slots are made available to be taken. To book your driving test at Ullapool driving test centre, see the.

You can change your driving test date up to 3 weeks before you want to take it. You need to give at least 3 working days' notice if you want to cancel your test. Saturdays are also counted as working days.

How To Get There

You should go to the local church instead of the fire station.

Ullapool Test Pass Rates

We love learning about how people take tests. We also enjoy finding out what makes some people fail and others pass. We're going to explore a few different things that might help you get your license faster.

In Scotland, learners have a 45.9 percent chance of passing the test, but if you're taking the plunge in Ullapool, the average is much more than that.

What If I Can't Go To Ullapool?

Not sure if you want to stay near Ullapool any longer? You might be able to change your test centre to Alness.

What To Expect On The Day

Your test date is finally upon. Dun, dun, dun! It's now time to show off those carefully-refined driving skills and prove to examiners that you are more than prepared to take to the road unsupervised. Unless your exam is cancelled, make sure that your provisional license is brought along with you on your big drive. The examiner will need check it to confirm your ID. You'll also need time to park up, greet the examiner and sign a paper.

Your driving test will start with an eye test, followed by two questions about your car. You'll be tested on how well you drive, as well as how safe your car is. Then you'll be given some time behind the wheel, and you'll be asked to do different things such as reversing or performing a U-turn.

You need to pull over when you see signs directing you to your destination. You should be careful about following sat nav directions because you may end up going somewhere else than what you want.

Ullapool Driving Test Centre

Providing contact details for Ullapool Driving Test Centre, test routes, test bookings, and help passing the driving tests in the Highlands.

Test Centre Contact Details

A practical driving test centre provides tests for cars. Lady Smith street is the address of the Ullapool fire station. Male only toilets are available. No test candidate parking facilities are provided. The test centre provides tests for vehicles.


Pass rates vary by centre. Busy centres tend to have a lower pass rate than less busy ones. You should choose a centre that feels most comfortable to you. Your test centre may also provide information about the pass rate for your particular centre.


There are no public car parks near the test centre. Spaces are available at Ullathorne High School.


The nearest stop is on Mill St. Outside the test centre. There is no train service in Ullapool

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

Waiting times vary between theory test centres. See the waiting times for your DVSA theory test.

Can I take my theory test online?

No. You must take the Theory Test at a Registered DVSA Theory Test Centre. Find a DVSA Theory Test Centre

About this data set

There were 1,876,000 car accidents in England and Wales in 2008. Of these, there were 5,946 deaths and 19,631 injuries.

Car driving test pass rates by gender

This data table shows car driving tests pass rates by gender for each driving test centre by month. It's updated every three months.

Car driving test pass rates by first attempt at the test

Driving tests are used by the government to assess whether or not someone should be allowed to drive a car. This data shows how many people passed their first driving test each year.

Car driving test pass rates by age to

A data table showing car driving test pass rates for every driving test centre over time.

Car driving test pass rates by ethnicity

This data table shows car driving tests pass rates by ethnicity for each driving test centre by year.

Car driving test cancellations

The first column contains the name of the driving test centres. The second column contains the number of cancellations per month. The third column contains the total number of cancellations per year.

Automatic car driving tests

This data table shows automatic car drivers' test pass rates by gender and year. There was an increase in male drivers passing the test each year. In 2017, there were more female drivers than male drivers who passed the test.


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