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Staines Theory Test Centre


11-17 Kingston Road
TW18 4QX
TW18 4QX

Staines Theory Test Centre

You must have a DVSA Driving Theory Test or the Practice Driving Test. You have the opportunity to get theory tests from a theory testing centre in England, Scotland or Wales including the theory testing centre in Staines. It's a quick guide that will give you a good idea of Staines' theory testing center. You can learn a lot about Staines Test Centre from this website.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Staines-upon-Thames

The Staines Theory Testing Center is very close to the city centre and is only a short walk from the main train depot. It's also an easy test centre for any Surrey resident. This guide provides all the necessary info you need to know on testing day.

How to find Staines Theory Test Centre?

The new theory testing centre at the Staines-upon-Thames is located on Bridge Street in the Provident House building opposite China Star. The Provident House is an impressive beige building which has an attractive name on the front which makes the name easily recognizable. It's near Thames (which is why the name is Bridge!) and not too near Staines Station when arriving by train. It's possible to find many stores at the airport if you need some stuff for the trip back to your destination. There are many buses just a short distance away, along the same road that links Staines Theory.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Staines theory test centre?

Online revision materials for DVSA theory tests for aspiring drivers is easy, quick and effective. We will help you to pass the first test with our theory tests for cars and motorcycles. There are plenty of ways to learn and we offer revision materials that can accommodate different learning styles. It is also personalized for you so you can easily prepare for your theoretical examinations. Is it really true? Please see the signup page. You will be immediately invited to our Learning Zone after signing in.


If you are looking for a theory-based driving license, you will have only some information on that. It is possible for students to schedule a Theory test using the following two methods. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) manages all theory tests bookings and Pearson Professional conducts theory tests. If your reservation includes an audio and/or visual impairment, please mention the problem. Book an introductory theory test via telephone reservation is possible via an automated phone line.

Must Read About Staines Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Staines Theory Test

Staines based Theory Testing Centre Please visit our website to see our site map or to book a theory test. How can I book an online theory test at a Staines theory testing facility? We have everything for the Staines Driving Theory Test Center. If you want to book an online theory driving test with Staines Theory Test Center then the following is the information that you require.. The Staines Theory Testing Centre - the UK Driving Theory exams in Staines will be at the location in Kingston Road.


The nearest railway station or bus station is often only ten minutes' walk from the centre of a theory test. Stop Bus: Bus for London runs just outside the Theory Testing Centres on Kingston Road. Station phone numbers: 0343 222 1234. The Staines Theory Testing Station can be reached from Bus Station. About 1 mile or 2 minutes walk. Arrival with the automobile: There's no place to park the test-driver in the vehicle. On Kingston Road, there is an accessible vehicle parking area.


Upon completing this book you will get an email notification from DVSA. Make sure your junkmail doesn't pop. The email confirming your test date provides you with the reference number. While not necessary to take to the Theory Testing Center, it is recommended to print the email to give to Centre staff if the issue comes up.

Facilities available at Staines Theory Test Centre

The current status of the Staines testing centre does not indicate any facilities that are offered. If you require assistance in navigating a site with restricted accessibility, please contact DVSA support at 0100 201122. See a list of recent male, female, & global pass rates on the Staines test.

How to book your theory test at the Staines Theory Test Centre

You can book your theoretical exam directly from the DVSA. It is possible to schedule a theory test at our facility too. Booking on our website is simple. All the information we provide will give you an excellent chance at passing your auto, motorcycle, or motorcycle test.


Then, you can cancel the theory test and get refunded the full amount for your unused time and money. You must be given at least 3 working days advance notice (including weekends) before attempting any of these things.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Similarly, areas that have a high population density usually have longer waiting periods for driving testing. London tests, for example, have waiting times 12 weeks or longer.

Can you do your theory test online?

Windows version of Chrome browser. No additional browser types can be used for this task. A successful score in the System Readyness Check for Theory Tests ensures that your computer runs well with the software.

How many questions are in the theory test 2021?

You will have 50 questions that can be answered in many ways. 50 questions are drawn from more than 1000 questions.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Staines You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.