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Southampton Theory Test Centre


South Suite
Second Floor
Anglo City House
2-6 Shirley Road
SO15 3EU
SO15 3EU

Driving Theory Test Centres in Southampton

Southampton Theory Test Centres are an excellent choice for Hampshireites for many reasons. There is relatively short waiting time and the pass rate is comparable to high. I'm curious. Let's be sure. This book helps to make the perfect preparation for the theory test day in Southampton. This site includes transportation info as well as some useful local amenities as well as tips for achieving a passable exam.

Southampton Theory Test Centre

The Driving Theory Test (DVSA) must be completed to be eligible for the practical driving test. You can take the theory test anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales, even in Southampton. The brief guide contains everything you need to know about the Southampton Theory Testing Center. You will find plenty of helpful information about Southampton's testing centres if you want more information.

How do I get to Southampton Theory Test Centre?

If you are travelling to an examination in Southampton you should add 15 minutes to your preparation to improve your practise. Tell me the best way to visit: walking. Near the road is Westpark Motors. The testing site is near. By car: If traveling on the highway, you can select a variety of parking spaces within close proximity of theory testing centers such as the Ordnance Road Car Park or NCP Car Park Southampton Portland Terrace. By bus or train: The Central Railway Station can be accessed by bus from East to the theory testing center.


You only need to book your driving licence to do theory tests, you need just one thing from that: You may schedule a theory test by using a different option described in this section. Pearson Professional manages theory testing bookings and conducts theory testing for all students. Throughout your reservation please include any reading and hearing problems - assistance can be found during a test. Book theory testing by telephone booking theory testing can be accomplished through automated telephone lines.

Booking a theory test at Southampton Theory Test Centre

Theory testing can also be booked online on the DVSA website. Alternatively you can contact our booking number 0300 221 116. During the registration of your test please ensure the following: The complete list of theoretical testing sites can be found at You need to prepare yourself for the theory tests to get the best chance for success. You can get dozens of useful information from and many other sites.


Train stops and bus stops are often within a couple of minutes from the majority of the Theory Test Centre. Southampton bus station There are buses that depart from outside the theory tests at Fourposthill (Bluestar Bus). . From the bus stop, the Theory test centres are about 0.15 km from there. An entrance car park will be located at WPark Road just 5mins walk from the Theory Testing Centre.


When the exam reservation has been completed, the DDVSA will contact you. Check out the junk mail. It confirms the test time and provides a referral number. Though not essential when going to theory test centres, e-Mails should also be printed in case the center staff is experiencing a problem.

How to book your theory test at the Southampton Theory Test Centre

Your theoretical test can be scheduled directly by the DVSA. Book a theory drive test from our site here. Reservations can be made immediately. All the materials needed to pass your car theory tests will also be provided.


It is possible to cancel an exam to get refunded for a refund. Please allow a minimum three-day advance notice (inclusive Saturday).

Where do I take my theory test in Southampton?

Southampton has two practication centres: Forest Hills and Maybush. You should never let it get you down.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Areas with high density tend, however, to be prone to longer waiting periods for driving tests. The London Test Centre for example has a minimum wait period of 12 weeks.

Can you do your theory test online?

Google Chrome is now available as a Windows browser and no new browser type is currently available. Passing the system readiness test for theory tests will confirm that you are running the software correctly.

How can I cheat on my theory test uk?

It is common practice to cheat during a theoretical study. In one case, the candidate will wear an unrecognised bluetooth phone headset to quietly read the questions and receive answers from an associate outside the room.

How much is a theory test?

For cars the theory test is £13 / £62 for the driver's test. All the costs of a lorry and its equipment can be found on these tables. Cars.

How long is theory test uk?

The theory certificate can only be renewed two years after the date of completion. In the event of failing the practicum exam for two years you must take another theory exam. The rule has no exception.

What is the waiting time for theory test?

The London testing centres for example have 12 week or longer waits.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil, Somerset finished second with a 67% pass percentage and Dorchester, Dorset had 66%. Lee is fourth easiest with a 65% passing rate and followed by Blyth at 64.6%.

How long is wait for driving test?

Test centres in London usually have waiting times between two and seven days. While there is a growing number of driving test centres employing drivers, test centres capacity has been restricted because of their size.

What is the pass rate for driving test Centre?

The rest of the easiest places to pass a driving exam is tolworth, Carshalton, Uxbridge and Pinner. Similar Article?

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Southampton You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.