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Sheffield Theory Test Centre


Seventh Floor
St James House
Campo Lane and Vicar Lane
S1 2EX
S1 2EX

Driving Theory Test Centres in Sheffield

Sheffield Theory Testing Center sits right on the edge of the city and means that local transportation links are plentiful! The city is very close and is also an important place where people from South Yorkshire can study theory. Find out all of the important things about this book.

Must Read About Sheffield Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Sheffield Theory Test

Sheffield Theory Testing Centre. Address. Leeds. The 3rd & 4th floor Orchard House. The Leopold Road. Sheffield, A3 3GSY. Books Theory Tests - Thedsat Sheffield Test Centre. For maps of the DSA Sheffield Test Centre click here Are you planning an online theory exam at Sheffield Theory Testing? We have all the details on the Driving Theory Testing Centre Sheffield. Click here. When booking a theory driving test at Sheffield Theory Test Centre please fill out the information below to your requirements. Sheffield's Theory Testing Centre. Driving Theory Tests in Sheffield take place at Orchard House on Leopold Street.


You can book theory testing online with your Provisional driving licence if you have any information about it. This theory test is offered in one way described in detail below: Driver Standards and Regulation Authorities (DVSA) handle theory tests and Pearson Professional conduct theory tests. Whenever booking please mention your reading/speak impairment and help will be offered for the tests. Book theory tests online booking can take place using automated phone services.


Trains and buses can often be located within easy reach of most theoretical testing centres. Bus stops near testing centers A bus stops on Leopold Street, close to Theory Testing Center. Buses by First Group. Location: 17009 526000. Sheffield Theory Test Center is 0.3 km from the busstop and is about a 3 minute stroll away. The automobile parking spot is on Campo Lane about 5 minutes walk from the Theory Training Center.


Once your theory tests are booked, you will also be emailed by the DVSA. Check the junk email for any missed messages. This email confirms your appointment and gives you a reference number. Although not essential to visit theory tests centre, a print copy of the email is suggested.

How to book your theory test at the Sheffield Theory Test Centre

The theory test is administered by the National Vehicle Safety Administration. You may even book the theory driving tests on-site. Booking with us is simple. All we have to offer is a comprehensive car and bike theory exam.


You may cancel or reschedule the theory test in order to receive refunded. Please give at least 3 working days for each assignment.

Where do you take your theory test in Sheffield?

Sheffield is surrounded by the Sheffield Handsworth and Middlewood routes, which are both good. If your theory tests are unsuccessful, then do not worry. Reservations are simple.

Where do I take my theory test in Sheffield?

Sheffield has the best option for you: Sheffield Handworth or Sheffield Middlewood Road. Don’t worry when your theory tests fail. Booking the Test can be completed easily.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Sheffield You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.