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Hull Theory Test Centre


Second Floor
Utility House
32-36 Prospect Street

Driving Theory Test Centres in Hull

The Testing Centre in Hull is a great location. This central position means it is well-connected with public transport and has many amenities for the locals. If you're living in Hull then it's a great choice for testing centres. Continue reading for directions and parking info.

Hull Theory Test Centre

You must pass the DVSA Driving Theory Test and driving practice tests. You can pass theory tests at any theoretical testing site in England, Scotland and Wales. Presented here is an introduction to Hull theory test centres. You'll find many useful information on this site.


Booking the theory testing session in the Hull theory centre is simple with a few different methods. Make sure your driver license is on hand so you know all of the required info when making the reservation. DVSA handles the bookings for theory testing in Britain. Contact information for the Pearson Professionals conducting the theory test may be found in the Booking section. Booking a theory test online A free phone booking system is available at every UK testing facility including Hull. For questions, you can contact one or more DVSA staff.

How do I get to Hull Theory Test Centre?

The Hull Theory Testing Centre has a number of different modes of transport available. Walks, cars and trains. This will help you travel to our testing centres in Hutchinson and other locations. Walking: If you go to theory testing centres, you must get home quickly. If you arrive late at a theory testing center, it can be difficult for you to leave your home and be ready. By Auto: If you drive to the theory test centre of Hull, it's possible for you to use the A63 road that runs along the southern side of the city north of River.


Check the correct contact info when booking and DVSA will email a confirmation when you're completed. Theory Test. If the file is nowhere, check the trash section. The e-mail confirms testing dates and addresses and provides the reference number. While not required to travel to a theory testing centre, it is recommended to print this email with a possible problem and report to the centre team when possible.

Booking a theory test at Hull Theory Test Centre

If you need to book theory tests for the DVSA you can click here. Alternately call the booking service on DVSA 0150 261 8223. Ensure you select an appropriate study center to schedule your theory tests in. All theory tests are available online from this site. This national pass rate is an average of 51.2%. You should prepare well for your theory test for an effective and successful first pass.


Train stations are usually only steps away from most theoretical testing sites. HU3 - HU 3 Q - Station telephone number: 0844 010 022. Hull Theory Test Centre is approximately 1 mile (8 minutes walk) from the railway station. An automobile park will be available on Albion Street about three minutes from the theory center.

How to book your theory test at the Hull Theory Test Centre

The DVSA is a vehicle testing agency that offers theory tests directly to the public. You can even book a driving theory test for you. Book online now; it's very convenient. We will give all of our drivers and bicycles the best possible theory test.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Hull You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.