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Fareham Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
Thackery House
189-199 West Street
PO16 0EN
PO16 0EN

Driving Theory Test Centres in Fareham

Fareham lies between Portsmouth and Southampton in South Hampshire. Theory testing centres are therefore suitable for those wanting to avoid all the noise and to have an easy test at an accessible location. That doesn't happen! Often students book their first test here within a few days with an average passing rate that tops the national average. Learn about Fareham's theory labs here to learn more.

Fareham Theory Test Centre

It requires passing DVSA's theory tests before getting the driving test for practice. You can have the theory test at any theory test centre in England, Wales, including the theory test centre at Fareham. This brief guide provides all that is required of a Fareham theory testing center. You will find a lot of helpful information here.

How to find Fareham Theory Test Centre?

If traveling by car to Fareham, it is important to note the absence of parking. There will also be parking for Pay & Display just 200 metres to the left on Trinity Avenue. From the M27 exit J1, follow the sign to Fareh. / GoSport. Stay on the left and go through an escalator gate into West Way. After obtaining a roundabout use the third exit in West Street and test sites are 400 meters up to the left of the road. Alternately from the A27 follow directions towards Fareham Town centre to the roundabout with the fire station entrance and then take the 2nd exit into the west street.


Fareham Theorie Test Centre provides theory testing through one of the two methods listed here. Make sure that the driver license is available when making the reservations as there is a lot of information needed in it. All theoretical test bookings in Britain are handled by DVSA. Contact details of Pearson professionals who perform these theory tests are provided in the Bookings section. Book the theory testing in person or use the Automated Telephone Line to schedule the study. Book driving theory exam is available on our website for details.


When you request a reservation, please provide your email address and you'll receive an email from DVSA when it is finished. If there are no records, check the junk folder. The email confirms the test dates and addresses and you will have a contact number. It may not be necessary that a student travel to a theory test centre but the email should be printed and displayed in the centre to staff in the event of any issues.

Must Read About Fareham Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Fareham Theory Test

Fareham Theory Test Center Fareham Address, Fareham, 189-191 West Streets. Why should a teacher book the theoretical test on faeham? Look no further, we have everything for you in regards to Fareham Driver Theory Testing Centre. To book the online driver's theory test at Fareham Theory Test Centre, the following information is needed. Fareham Theory Test Center UK Driving theory test conducted in Fareham West Street.


Theory testing centers usually have an immediate presence near trains often requiring only a short walk to get there. Fareham train station. Fareham PO160UT. Station phone number: 0845 630 650. Fareham Theory Test Centre can be reached in just 5 minutes. When arriving by car: A parking lot is situated near Leigh Road about a 10 minute walk. Alternately, onsite car parks may be found near the testing site.

Facilities available at Fareham Theory Test Centre

A current lack of information has been reported concerning facilities at the Fareham testing centre. DVSA is able to help with the problem by calling the number 020 524 1122 - DVSA. Click on this page to see current male / female overall score at Fareham Theory Testing Centres.

Fareham Theory Test Centre Essential Information

Our team can make you an accurate and timely DVSA theory examination in Faringam for you. Use our free 3 test to give your success a chance to gain some confidence. The location of this test centre is: Fareham Theory Test Centre is operated by the Pearson Professionals.

How can I book my theory test at Fareham Theory Test Centre?

Your theoretical exam is scheduled with the DVSA directly. It's possible for a driver to book his theory test online. Reservations are simple. Let us help you pass your car or bicycle theory test as often as you need.


If you can't attend the theory test at the notified reservation time, you can reschedule your reservation with a minimum of 3 business days notice. This notice applies to the cancellation of a test for a full refund.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Areas where population density has increased generally have longer waiting periods for driving tests. Test Centre London for example has an average wait of 12 weeks.

How can I pass my driving theory test?

What should I know about passing my theory tests? Get in touch to take the theory tests. ... Get out there. ... Keep an eye out for hazards and detection. ... Give the hours. "... Do mock tests. ... ) Make sure you have time. ... Remember to take photos of the licenses that you have. ... Practice Day. Please do it now.

How long is the wait for a theory test?

London test centres are able to wait up to twelve weeks or more to get the result. While there are more drivers examiner employed by DVSA in high populations areas, testing centres can only carry out a limited amount of tests at a given time despite their smaller sizes.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Fareham You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.