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Edinburgh A Theory Test Centre


Second Floor
4 Queen Street

Driving Theory Test Centres in Edinburgh

Learning drivers can take advantage of Edinburghs beautiful capital for the sake of a good test centre. It is not necessary to get a first boarding pass without having all the necessary information. This PassMeFAST solution will help you! Continue reading and get information on the Edinburgh Theory Testing Centre.

Edinburgh Theory Test Centre

You must pass the DVSA's Driving Theory Test before booking a practical test. There is an online theory test available at the Theory Testing Centre in London. This brief book covers the Edinburgh Theory Test Centre. Find out more about our Testing Centre in Edinburgh and how we can help you with any test questions you have.

Must Read About Edinburgh Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Edinburgh Theory Test

The Theory Testing Center- dsa test center Edinburgh Address. Edinburgh 2nd floor, Cairncross House, 25 Union Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LR. DSA Edinburgh test centre. You can see the location on this page. The Theory Test Center. Are there any online theory tests at the Edinburgh Theory Test Centre? Find everything about the Edinburgh Driving Theory testing centre below. For online driving theory testing in Edinburgh Theory Testing Centre please follow the following details. Edinburgh Theory Testing Centre UK Driving theory tests in Edinburgh take place on Union Street, Caircross House.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Edinburgh theory test centre?

Driver Theory 4 online revision material is a quick way of helping learners to pass DVSA theory tests easily and safely. If you want to revise your car I'm sure you are getting your ADI part one - li a part 2. We have revised material based on different learning styles. This course has been personally tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual student and you can start preparing for a theory test immediately. What's Better? See our website for more info. You can access our Education Area immediately when you join.

Booking a theory test at Edinburgh Theory Test Centre

The theory test can be booked online at any time on our website or by telephone. You can also phone DVSA reservations at 0800 210 1122. Upon making a booking for a test ensure that you can decide which test centre you want to book for the test period. The complete details for these tests are found in this page. The pass rate in the nation is 51.2%, so you should prepare well before the theory exam.

How to book your theory test at the Edinburgh Theory Test Centre

You'll be able to book your online exam directly through the Driving Safety Agency (DVSA). It's even possible to arrange the driving tests with us. Reservations can be made easily. We'll help you pass any car/bike theory test as soon as possible.

Edinburgh Theory Test Centre Address

Driving Theory Test Centre address: 2nd Floor, Queen Street, Edinburgh, EEH 2 1JE telephone: 0 800 1121.

Where do I sit my driving theory test in Edinburgh?

Test centres are located in Cairncross House.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Areas that have high density populations tend, however, to have comparatively long waiting periods for driving tests. London testing centers are able to wait 12 weeks and longer.

Can you sit theory test online?

Here's the prerequisites for an online theory exam. Unfortunately, phones are no longer supported on the iOS devices. Webcams and mics that you could monitor during test periods.

How long is wait for theory test?

London tests have waiting periods as high as 12 days and longer. Although more driving examinations are employed in highly populous areas, the DVSA has limitations on the number of test days conducted.

When can you book your theory test?

You are required to be 17 to pass a Theory test. In such circumstances, a student may take an examination for theory aged 16.

Will theory tests go ahead in Scotland?

Updated: Theory testing is now a felony. Add another area currently in Tier 3 in England, where theory tests were cancelled.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Edinburgh A You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.