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Eastbourne Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
Senlac House
53-58 Seaside Road
BN22 7NE
BN22 7NE

Driving Theory Test Centres in Eastbourne

Welcome guide to eastbourne theory centers. It is an excellent solution for those who live within and near East Sussex. If you are planning your next trip on a seafront vacation, please take a look at the first section. The Pass and Parking options, the waiting periods and local facilities are included.We will explain everything you need to know to make your choice.

Eastbourne Theory Test Centre

Driving theory tests must be completed by a qualified driver before the test is scheduled. It is possible for people to have a theory examination at any Theory testing centre in England, Scotland or Wales including Eastbourne. Detailed info on the Eastbourne Theory Testing Centre can be found here. You will find a great selection of helpful tips and information here.


Booking an Eastbourne theoretical test can be completed quickly through a variety of options described below. Before booking, make sure you have an official driving license. The British government manages DVSA's theory test booking system. Pearson Professionals who conduct Theory Tests have telephone or electronic contact details available under Booking. Book a theory exam by Phone A computer phone system allows the booking of theory tests. Please see the section on driving theory testing for information and phone reservations.

Must Read About Eastbourne Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Eastbourne Theory Test

Eastbourne Statistical Testing Centre : Map of DSA Eastbourne Theoretical Test Centre. Why do I want to take a Theory Test Online at Eastbourne Theory Test Centres? See nothing else, we have the details for Eastbourne Driving Theory Testing Centre. If you want a free driving theory test at Eastbourne Theory Test Centre, please follow the above information. The Eastbourne Theory Testing Centre is a driving theory centre in England which takes place on the seaside in Senlac House Eastbourne.

How do I get to Eastbourne Theory Test Centre?

Before leaving Eastbourne, follow these travel tips. Its proximity also makes the place a good location for restaurants and supermarkets in general. In the automobile: You should take the car and aim toward the dock and then east from here. Try securing a seaside highway and finding an appropriate parking spot for your vehicle. It is important that parking is restricted. Bus stops are located on Marine Road. There's no need to go too far in testing.


Theory testing centres are often located near trains, often taking only one walk. Eastbourne train station - Terminus Road. Eastbourne BN21 3QJ Station. Telephone number 08457848950. Eastbourne Theory Testing Centre is about 0.7 miles away. Getting there by car: Various car parking spaces are provided in the vicinity of this testing centre and the parking area at Trinity Place is about 10 minutes from the Theory Test centre.

Booking a theory test at Eastbourne Theory Test Centre

The theory test can be booked online from this site. Alternately, the DVSA reservation phone number is available. You can also choose which test centre you want the test held at. The complete list of the Theory Test Centers is found below. The National Pass rates are 51.2% which means that you must prepare for the Theory exam to ensure that you get your best possible first pass.


After your examination booking the DVSA will email you your reservation. Please check my folders. This email confirms the testing dates and addresses, as well as confirming a reference number. Although not essential in order to go to the theory testing centers, it is recommended to use e mailed copies of the emails to alert the staff.

How can I book my theory test at Eastbourne Theory Test Centre?

You can book a theory test from DVSA directly. Book your driving theory exam at our office now. Reservations over the web are simple. Our goal is to give you all the required training and information you need to complete a bike and motorbike theory test.


The theory test can be cancelled by cancelling the test within three business days of receiving a written notification. Upon canceling and receiving your refund the customer must give 3 working days notice.

Eastbourne Theory Test Centre. Address

Driver Theory Test Centre. Senlac House. 52 Seaside. Eastbourne BN21 6NE.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

In contrast, areas with greater population density have significantly longer waits for testing. The testing centres in London have waiting periods ranging from six to eight weeks.

Is Eastbourne driving test easy?

The latest statistics have shown the challenges faced in passing an Eastbourne driving test. During that period 51% of learners have passed the practical test. The average pass rate in British test centres was 45 %.

How long is the wait for a driving test in Eastbourne?

The average wait for driving tests in Eastbourne takes over one month. Having mastered motoring is no problem. Make sure the driving tests are done 2 months before you have even applied.

Can you do your theory test online?

Google Chrome's Windows browser is not currently supported. Pass the system readiness test, which ensures you have a valid computer with a software compatible test.

How do I study for my theory test?

Prepared: Book your theoretical tests. This may seem obvious, but a theory test can be booked from a 160 test center nationwide. ... Get out there and do some homework. The synapse Make a point about safety. ... Give me some minutes. ... Give mock tests. . Leave enough time. ... Remember the license photographic card. ... Have some practice. Is that right?

When can you book your theory test?

You must have an approved certificate for the theory test and must be aged between 17 and 24. In such cases you may take your theory test from the age of 16.

How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?

Areas with larger populations are often able to wait longer to take a driving test. London's test centre, for instance, has wait times of 12 weeks or more.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Eastbourne You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.