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Dundee Theory Test Centre


Suite 1-2
First Floor
Seagate House
132-134 Seagate

Dundee Driving Theory Test Centre

Dundee Driving Theory Test centre is a centre that offers driving theory test in Dundee. If you are looking for an easy way to pass your driving theory test, you can try our services and we will help you get the best results. The centre provides all kinds of tests like paper based, computer based and practical tests in Dundee.

Find a theory test centre

If you are planning to take a driving theory test in Dundee, you can visit the Driving Theory Test centre at The College of HGV & Bus Driving. This centre is located at Bell Street and offers free theory tests for all learners who want to apply for an advanced driver's licence (ADL). There are other centres that offer similar services across Scotland but if you choose this centre, it will save your time and money as well as make sure that your vehicle is safe while on the road.

Arriving at Dundee Theory Test Centre

You can easily reach the centre of Dundee, Scotland by booking a taxi from any place in the city. The centre is situated at the heart of the city and provides you with easy access to many other locations.

Dundee Theory Test Centre

Dundee Driving Theory Test centre is a centre for the theory test of drivers in Dundee. The centre has been developed by Dundee council to make it easier for learner drivers to take their driving tests and get their licences. It also provides easy access from anywhere in the city and helps you save time because your nearest centre is just around the corner.


The centre is designed to help you pass your driving theory test in Dundee. The centre offers online driving theory tests, which can be taken from anywhere at any time of the day or night. You can schedule your test on the website and receive instant feedback once you have completed it. You will also get helpful hints and tips for each question that are designed to help you improve your performance as well as giving useful information about safe road driving

Dundee Theory Test Booking Service

Dundee driving theory test centre is a service that provides the dundee theory test booking service. It allows you to book dundee theory tests for your vehicle at dundee driving theory test centre. With this, you can easily get your car tested and obtain the best insurance cover from various insurance companies in Dundee.

The DVSA driver theory test will require passing the practice driving test. There are theory tests in any theory test centre in England, Scotland or Wales, including theory testing centres in Dundee. This brief guide covers everything about Dundee Theory Testing Centre. If you want to take a theory test you should look into Dundee's testing facilities.

The dvsa driver theory test will require passing the practice driving test. There are theory tests in any dvsa driving theory test centre, including dvsa practice driving centres in Dundee. The dvsa is an important organisation and it requires people to have a good knowledge of how to drive safely on the road.

You've been busily revising for your driving Theory Test and now feel ready to book it! The easiest way to book the official DVSA car, motorcycle, lorry or bus driving Theory Test is online.

Booking dvsa car, motorcycle, lorry or bus driving theory test is very easy. Just visit dvsa website and click on the Book Online button. After that you will be redirected to a new page where you can select the Theory Test Date and start booking your theory test online

AFTER need your driving licence ready, as some details from it will be needed. The DVSA (DVSA) manages all UK theory test booking. Telephone and email contact details of Pearson Professional conducting the theory tests can be seen within the booking section.

The theory test is a vital part of your driving licence, and you will need to pass it before being able to drive on the road. For this reason, many people book their theory test in advance. You can do so by going online and booking an appointment with Pearson Professional Driving Test Centre

The driving theory test centre is located on exchange street, close to the train station. It is easily accessible by public transport and car as well as being within walking distance of train station (1 mile). The theory test centre runs 7 days a week with several sessions running at different times (see details below):

Monday: 8am - 2pm / 4pm - 10pm Tuesday 9.30am-2 pm/ 4:15 – 8:45 p m Wednesday : 1st & 3rd Thursday : 1st & 3rd Friday 8.00am-12pm/ 4:15 – 10:30 p m Saturday 9.30 am - 2 pm Sunday Closed

Confirmation is confirmation. It's better to confirm your bookings throughout the year, not just before you go away to a theory test centre.

Pass the theory test in Dundee Driving Theory Test Centre

Driving Theory Test Centre in Dundee is one of the best driving theory test centres that help you to get your licence without any trouble. The uk Driving Theory Test Centre has been designed to provide a comfortable environment for candidates and they are able to learn at their own pace with all necessary facilities provided by them.

You need to pass the dvsa driving theory test before booking your practical driving test. You can take the practical driving test at any theory test centre in England, Scotland or Wales including Dungavel & Loch Lomond Driving Test Centre.

The theory test is your second chance to pass dvsa test. You will get discount if you booked dvsa theory test in dundee before 22nd march 2018. So hurry up and book a theory test now!

An automated option is available 24 hours a day. they will be able to tell you which theory test centre in Dundee offers the popular option and book your driving theory test online or by phone.

The short walk can be the most challenging part of a theory test, especially if you are not used to walking. Some driving schools do offer an alternative by offering passengers free lift from Dundee railway station or other nearby areas (Broughty Ferry is probably nearer than Dens Park). Driving tests for new drivers tend to start around 8am and finish about 4pm at the latest - which may give enough time for people who live in Dundee but work elsewhere on that day.

1. Dundee parking space nearest to the test centre is on shore terrace and parking cost just £2.90 for 2 hours while there are 76 parking space available in that place as well as nearby public car park at taybridge street costing only £1 per hour .

2. Parking on a street costs £1.80 for 2 hours of parking & nearby public car park at taybridge street cost only £0.70 per hour .

3 . The nearest train station is Dundee East railway station (and ) which has an approximate walking distance from the test centre to just 1 min and takes about 5 minutes by underground train if you are not in rush or need time to relax before your exam.

4 .You can get a taxi from the station to test centre in around 10-12 minutes and it costs only £3 per person minimum 6 people maximum 9 persons.

5 . Public transport is available near by like bus, train or other public transportation which takes you on 30 min journey time (if not too long) to test centre at Taybridge street costing just £1 per hour for 2 hours of parking space & nearest.

If you are a new driver, it is important to be ready for how test appointment. It is crucial that you arrive 15 minutes before your theory test appointment window opens, so that they can start immediately and complete the theory test on time. You will want to dress in comfortable clothes such as trousers or jeans (preferably with belt) along with a shirt when going for your theory test appointment at Dundee driving theory foundation course . Make sure that all personal belongings are safely stowed away in 

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Dundee You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.