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To book a UK driving test, you must hold a valid provisional driving licence and theory test pass certificate. You must take your provisional licence and theory test certificate with you to your practical driving exam. Failure to do so will result in your driving test being cancelled, you will lose your test fee, and you will have to book and pay again.

The cost of a driving test in the UK is £62 on weekdays and £75 for evening tests, weekend tests and tests taken on bank holidays. You can use your own car, but it must:

· be taxed

· be insured for a driving test (check with your insurance company)

· be roadworthy and have a current MOT (if it’s over 3 years old)

· have an extra interior mirror for your driving examiner

· have no warning lights showing, for example, the airbag warning light

· have no tyre damage and the legal tread depth on each tyre - you can’t have a space-saver spare tyre fitted

· be smoke-free - this means you can’t smoke in it just before or during the test

· be able to reach at least 62mph and have an mph speedometer

· have 4 wheels and a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of no more than 3,500 kg

Driving Test UK | What to Expect

The UK driving test changed on 4 December, 2017 to bring it into line with modern motoring. Manoeuvres such as the three-point turn and reverse around a corner have been replaced by bay parking and sat nav driving, while the independent driving section has doubled from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

Your test appointment is scheduled for one hour, but you will only spend 40 minutes driving. As well as 20 minutes of independent driving and driving while aided by a sat nav system, the driving test includes:

· an eyesight check

· ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions

· an assessment of your general driving ability

· reversing your vehicle

To pass the test, you must be able to demonstrate that you can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions and demonstrate your knowledge of the Highway Code by the way you drive. Each section of the test is marked by your examiner.

You will fail the test if you commit a ‘major’ driving fault or amass more than 15 ‘minor’ faults. 

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