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Bridgend Theory Test Centre


Second Floor
Brackla House
Brackla Street
CF31 1BZ
CF31 1BZ

Bridgend Car driving Theory Test Centre.

Bridgend Theory Test Centre location is about 5 minutes walk from Bridgenetrain station. Bridgend Train station address is Station Hill Bridgend Mid Glamorgan CF31 1BN.Bus: There is a bus stop near the theory test centre. Approximately 1 minute walk away from the theory test centre is a bus stop. Arriving by car: Brackeld car park is located within close proximity to the theory test centre.


Before you are entitled to book an exam, you'll need to have your provisional license. You can book a theory test either by phone or online. To book a theory test, make sure you provide the following information: Your provisional license number, date of birth, gender, postcode, name and address.

There is an automated telephone booking line for booking your theory test by telephone. You can also speak to a DVSA employee if you need help or want to discuss any concerns. A theory test can be booked online.


You may reschedule your theory test for any other day and time you wish. A full refund will be given if you cancel before the end of the day.


An email confirming the time, address and reference number will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. If you can't find the email, check the junk folder. In case of any issue, please print out this email and bring it along to your theory exam.


You need to bring your printed out confirmation email from the DVSA when you come to the theory test centre. Bring along a valid photo ID (passport or national identity card) and a valid driving licence. If you don't have either of these, you'll need to get them before you go to the test centre.

You must bring your learner permit with you if you're taking a theory test. You should always arrive early to avoid missing the start of the test. If you've lost your licence, contact the DVLA. If you've had your licence stolen, call the police.

When you do not need a theory test.

You must pass a theory test before taking a driving test to upgrade your license. An automatic car license can be upgraded to a manual car license. From category A1 (small motorcycles) to category A2 if you've been licensed for two years. Category C1 (medium vehicles), to category C if you passed a car driving test.

Minibuses must tow trailers. A minibus license does not require a driver’s license or a theory test.

Book a test to upgrade your licence.

You must call the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVLA) if you need an upgrade test, such as automatic car to manual car, or a medium sized lorry to a large size lorry. Call them on 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm. Find out about call charges.

When you do not need a theory test.

You must usually pass your theory test before booking a tractor test. You do not need to take a theory test to book an automatic to manual test. You do not have to take a test to progress through the motorbike categories (progressive access) or a lorry and trailer test. A bus and trailer test is required if you've got a bus licence.

A medium lorry license means you can drive a truck or a heavy vehicle up to 12 tonnes. A minibus license means you can drive smaller vehicles such as vans and coaches up to 9 tonnes.

Nearby Theory Test Centres.

There are many different types of theory tests available. You may want to take a driving theory test or an advanced driving theory test. You should also consider taking a driving practical test. These tests help you prepare for your road test.

Arriving at Bridgend Theory Test Centre.

A bus stop is located near an Aldi supermarket. There is a train station nearby. The nearest car park is also nearby.

What is the theory test pass mark?

Your car theory test score is 86%, you need to get 43 correct answers out of 50 questions to pass. To pass your hazard perception test, you must score 44 out of 75.

Bridgend Theory Test Centre Directions.

Brackla Car Park is located on the same road as Test Centre. It costs £1.50 per hour.


The bus station is 0.6 miles away from the test center, and takes 10 minutes to reach by foot. The nearest bus stop to the test center is opposite Aldi, which is 1 mile away from the test center.


The train station is a 4-minute walk from the test centre. The test centre is located on the fourth floor of Brackla house. The entrance can be found behind blue railings.

Bridgend Theory Test Centre Phone Number.

You should call the DVSA to book your theory test. Their phone number is 0300 200 1122. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm theory test booking

Critical workers.

The original Critical Worker application process was closed on 5 October 2020, if your application was successful you'll be awarded critical/key worker status. The DVA is working with the Department Of Health on some priority applications, the scheme is only for key workers who need to drive for work and whose jobs are auxiliary to medical, health or Social Care Services or where there is threat of life.

Critical workers should be given priority when applying for driving licenses. Priority will be given to those who are unemployed or underemployed, and those who are over 50 years old.

Special needs.

Deaf people need to be accommodated when booking an appointment at the DVA. Disabled people should be given priority over others. Call 0300 200 7861 to make an appointment.

You should inform the operator when booking your driving test that you are calling about an 'Driving test for a disabled person'. Tell him/her specifically if you are deaf or have severe difficulties hearing. Are you restricted in your movement? Have any physical disabilities?

No matter how serious your disability is, you'll still take the same driving exam as everyone else. You'll get extra time if you need it.

Book change or cancel by phone.

You can book, change or cancel your practical driving test for private cars or motorcycles by phone. Lines are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Calls cost at local rates. You don't need any application forms but you should have your provisional driving licence and theory test certificate ready when calling.

Northern Ireland residency

You must be normally resident in NI to take a driving test here. If you have a UK provisional license, you can drive any vehicle in NI if you've completed a residency declaration form and sent it to DVA with evidence proving you're resident here.




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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Bridgend You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.