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Bradford Theory Test Centre


Suite 1
First Floor
Auburn House
Upper Piccadilly

Driving Theory Test Centres in Bradford

Bradford Theory Test Centre is located just outside the city centre – making it an ideal choice for both local residents as well as visitors. We'll talk about where to find them, details of the contact details, pass fees and nearby facilities. To see the full list of testing facilities in West Yorkshire, click the links below.

Bradford Theory Test Centre

The DVSA driver training theory test must take place before booking an actual driving test. The theory tests can be taken at any theoretical testing centre in Scotland and Wales, including the theory testing centres in Bradford. Detailed information about Bradford Theory Test Center is presented. If you have already decided to take an online theory exam you should look to Bradford Testing Centre. You should get a good start.

How can I pass my theory test first time at the Bradford theory test centre?

Our online theory tests revision material for drivers from Bradford is easy, fast and efficient for the learning of drivers. If you need to improve your car, bike, truck part 1 and 2, or bus part 1 and 2, we can guide you through the process. Our revision material is designed for a wide range of learning styles. This course is tailored for you to ensure you learn everything you need for your theoretical tests quickly. Does it make any sense to you? Please visit the website for further details. Once enrolled you will be immediately able to use our training area.


DVSA handles the booking of theoretical tests on their website. Advails provide a complete package to make the theory testing booking available to all customers in England. Book online or by telephone. You must obtain a valid driver's licence before submitting your theory test. Pearson Professional performs theories testing. Email addresses available in the booking area. Booking theory tests online theory exams are readily available at all UK theory testing centres. For information on arranging theory tests in Bradford please click the Driving Theory section.

How do I get to Bradford Theory Test Centre?

If traveling to Bradford Theory tests you need to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time. This guide is useful for travelers. Walking : When you intend to walk, you must know what you should follow. You have to travel eastwards and then take a street on East Parade. You are east of Bradford Town centre. To get to our Theory Test Center, you must leave Shipley Aireley Rd and turn off Pecklover St. There is room to park on our Bradford campus. By bus: Taking a taxi will take you right through Albion Street or Manor Row.


Theory test centres usually locate near railway stations, often requiring just a short walk. Bradford Interchange Trains Station. Bridge Street. Bradford BD1 1TU Station Telephone: 0845 000 0225. The Bradford Theory Testing Centre has about a mile of train service (10 minutes walk). Arrive with a vehicle: Pay-for-display parking can be found just outside the theory testing center.

Booking a theory test at Bradford Theory Test Centre

To get your theory test you may visit the DVSA website. You can also contact us using our booking phone number 03002001122. When book your tests please ensure you can then determine the theory testing center in the book. A complete list of theory testing centres is here. It's extremely important to prepare for a theory test in a way where you can get a first-time pass.

How to book your theory test at the Bradford Theory Test Centre

You may book a theory exam directly through DVSA. We offer a range of courses and tests for driving mechanics and engineers. Reservations can be done quickly and conveniently online. You will have everything necessary for your bike or motor vehicle theory test.


You will get the correct DVSA certificate for your theory test date at the completion of a reservation. Though no requirement this mail should also be downloaded to your test server to assist in case a situation occurs.


The dates for your theory test are flexible but you have to give at least three working days notice before the test starts. Three-day advance notice is required to cancel your testing for a full refund.

Bradford Theory Test Centre Address

BD1 3NU. Téléphone: 0300 200 1123. Location: Suite 1: First floor Auburnhouse.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Bradford You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.