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How to pass your driving test a full guide from novice to pro

There are many things to consider when taking a driving test. We've outlined everything you need to know before sitting your test. You'll learn how to prepare yourself, what to expect, and how to get ready for your first lesson.

Step one applying for your provisional driving licence

You need to apply for your driving license before you can drive.

When can you apply for a provisional driving licence?

You can get your driver’s license at age 15, but if you want to drive legally, you need to be 16.

What does your provisional licence allow you to do?

A provisional driver must be accompanied by an adult until he/she reaches age 18. He/She may not drive in a car without a qualified driver.

Book the Theory Test Checklist

You can book your theory test anytime you want. There are many ways to book your theory test. You can book online or by phone. A mock theory test is when you take a practice test before you actually go to the theory test center. You can also search for mock theory tests near you. Before booking your theory test, make sure you've done everything you need to do.

You can cancel or reschedule the theory test.

Booking your theory test

To book your driving theory test, you must be 17 years old. You must have a provisional license. You must have been living in England, Wales or Scottish for at least 185 days within the past 12 months. You must pay a  fee. You may wait anywhere from a few days to two weeks before being given an appointment date.

Find a nearby test centre

I am currently located in the UK. I want to take my theory test in London. There are 2 theory test centres near me. I can choose 1 of these two centres.

Make your payment

Once you've confirmed all the details, you'll be taken to the overview page. Then you just need to pay. If you lose your confirmation email, don't worry - you can still check the details on the DVSA website!

You'll need to book a driving theory test online if you don't have an email address. 

How do you know if you’re ready to book your theory test?

Booking theory test slots when you feel ready will require you to weigh out your waiting times, how long do you think you need to prepare, and how well you're doing in mock tests.

Book change or cancel your theory test appointment

The theory test appointment can be booked and kept to three clear working days’ notice, can also be cancelled and changed online or by telephone.

Wearing a face covering at your test

You must wear a face covering when taking the exam. If you don't wear one, you must provide a good reason.

You've been busily revising for your driving Theory Test and now feel ready to book it The easiest way to book the official DVSA car motorcycle lorry or bus driving Theory Test is online

You need to be careful when booking your theory test because some people might try to take advantage of you.

Changes to confirmation methods when you book a Theory Test

As of December 2011, the DVA don't send out letters of confirmation by post anymore. You'll receive them by email instead. If you booked your theory test over the phone, then you won't get any confirmation letter by post.

You will be asked to confirm your identity by providing your driving licence number. Your driving licence number will be checked against our records to ensure you are eligible to take the theory test.

How do I book a Theory Test by phone?

You should book your theory test online if possible.

booking confirmation

The process of booking a car insurance policy is usually straightforward but it can be confusing if you don't know what you're doing. If you've never had a car insurance policy before, you might not realise that you'll need to provide proof of third party cover (TPO) and comprehensive cover. TPO covers damage caused by someone else's vehicle, while comprehensive cover protects against theft and fire.

valid email address

If you don’t know what your username and password are, you should contact the company who owns your car insurance policy. They will usually give you a login link to log into your account so you can change them. Alternatively, if you’ve lost access to your old username and password, you can request a new one by contacting the company directly.

application form

The process of applying for a driving licence varies depending on where you live. In some countries, like Australia, you can apply at a local post office or petrol station. Some states require you to visit a motor vehicle licensing centre (MVLC) instead.

booking process

If you want to book your theory test online, you will need to visit the DVSA website ( where you can search for a local testing centre near you. The site has information about how to prepare for your theory test and what you should expect once you arrive at the testing centre.

mock tests

If you don’t want to take the actual theory test, you can book one online instead. The National Driver Theory Test (NDTT) is run by the Driving Standards Agency every two years. It consists of three parts: a written exam, a road test, and a hazard perception test.

theory test booking

If you want to book your theory test online, you’ll need a computer,

Northern tablet or smartphone. The process will vary depending on which website you choose to use. Some websites will ask you

multiple-choice to fill out a form before

theory allowing you to book, while others will require you

theory to pay upfront.


The cost of

Email a car insurance policy will depend on many factors including where you live, what kind of vehicle you drive, and whether you insure it yourself or pay for private cover through your insurer.

What does it mean if I don't know my driving history?

Output: If you don’t know your driving history, then you could be missing out on discounts from insurers. It's worth checking your details with the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) so you can see if you're eligible for any discounts.


The exam will consist of three parts: Part 1 is a written paper where you’ll answer multiple choice questions. This part takes around 3 hours to complete and consists of 50 questions. Part 2 is a practical driving assessment which lasts around 30 minutes. It involves completing a series of tasks including reversing out of a parking space, parallel parking, overtaking, changing lanes, turning left and right, and manoeuvring through traffic. Finally, part 3 is a computer-based driving test which lasts around 20 minutes. Here you’ll be asked to drive along a route, taking into consideration road signs and traffic lights.

Test certificates

If you want to take your driving skills to the next level, then it might be worth taking a theory test. The AA will issue you with a certificate if you pass.

Test centre

The majority of car insurance companies will not cover you if you take part in any type of racing. This includes drag racing, road racing, karting, rallycross, and off-road driving. Insurance providers may consider this activity dangerous because it involves high speeds and risk of injury. They may also think that you could lose control of the vehicle, which would cause damage to property or people.

 what happens if i don't pass my theory test?

If you fail your theory test, . You will then be able to retake the theory test within six months. You must wait at least three weeks between attempts. Your insurer will charge you for each attempt.


If you want to book a theory test online, you will need to provide your email address. This is so we can send you information about your results once they come through.



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