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If you want to learn to drive then the first hurdle you must overcome is the driving theory test which tests you on your knowledge of the Highway Code and road safety.There are 2 parts of the theory test which include multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test. Both parts will form part of the same test which you can take on the same day. The multiple choice test will last around one hour and you will need to obtain 43 marks out of 50 in order to pass. There will then be a break of around 3 minutes before you take the hazard perception test which consists of 14 video clips. How you respond interactively to the video clips will determine your mark. Each clip has a possibility of 5 marks. The pass mark is 44 out of 75. Remember that you need to pass both parts of your theory test in order to be successful, otherwise you need to retake the whole test.

Locating Your Nearest Theory Test Centre

Many test centres can be difficult to find so we've listed not only their addresses but the best route and any other information about the centre such as disabled facilities. The last thing you need is added stress on your test day so if you want to book your theory test online at your nearest test centre you can use our facilities to do so quickly and easily.

Book your theory test online

Booking online couldn't be simpler. It's fast, quick and safe and once you've made your booking we'll send you a confirmation email that you take to the test centre with you. The rest is up to you!

  • Simple and Easy To Book Online
  • Quick Secure Payments
  • All Driving Tests Covered
  • Test Books and DVD's Avaliable
  • Full UK Coverage Of all Test Centers
  • Your Test Booked By Experienced Staff
  • Cancellation Finder
  • Free Access to High Way Code

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*To Qualify For a Free Resit You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.