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If you want to become a qualified bus driver then you need to hold a full driving licence and pass a bus theory test which is specifically aimed at bus drivers. Most bus drivers will need a C1 licence which is for vehicles with a total weight of between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes.

Find Your Nearest Bus Theory Test Centre

As new bus drivers you will have to get used to finding your way around. However in order to alleviate the stress on the day, we've not just listed the addresses of the theory test centres, but also provided directions where we can and relevant information about the test centre itself. We understand that every little bit of information can help ease anxieties on the test day.

Book Your Bus Theory Test Online

We are experienced at handling bus, car motorcycle, coach and lorry theory test bookings and can arrange for you to sit your bus theory test at a date and time which is convenient to you. Book your theory test online for a fast and simple transaction and let us do the rest. We'll email you confirmation of your booking. Just make sure that you turn up 15 minutes before the test begins with a copy of your booking and your lucky mascot - not that you'll need it!

  • Simple and Easy To Book Online
  • Quick Secure Payments
  • All Driving Tests Covered
  • Test Books and DVD's Avaliable
  • Full UK Coverage Of all Test Centers
  • Your Test Booked By Experienced Staff
  • Cancellation Finder
  • Free Access to High Way Code

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*To Qualify For a Free Resit You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.