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Barnstaple Theory Test Centre


Units 1
Riverside Court Offices
Castle Street
EX31 1DR
EX31 1DR

How to find Barnstaple Theory Test Centre

Parking facilities can be found near the theory test centre. You should park here if you're taking lessons or going with someone else. Parking facilities can also be found near the theory testing centre. Follow these directions to reach the theory testing centre.

Head east across the river from station then turn left onto the Strand which becomes Castle court. The Barnstaple Theory Test Centre is just a little further up the trail from the Heritage Center.

Facilities available at Barnstaple Theory Test Centre

There is currently no information about the facilities available at the Barnstable Test centre. For advice concerning disabled access, it’srecommended that you speak toDVSAcustomer supporton0 300 20011222.Clickherefor thelatestmale,female&overallpassratesfortheBarnstapleTheoryTestCentre.

Barnstaple Theory Test Centre Essential Information

We'll book a DVSA theory exam in Barnstaple on your behalf. Take advantage of the '3 free retests' scheme for added peace of mind if you're unsuccessful. The address is: Units 1 and 4, Riverside Courthouse Offices, Castle Street,Barnstaple,EX31 1DR. The Barnstaple Theory Test Centre is currently operated by Pearson Professional.

Cancelling or rescheduling an online theory test booking

If you need to cancel or reschedule your theory test appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll be happy to help. Your driving licence number is required when cancelling or changing an appointment. If you do not show up on the day of your appointment, we may charge a rescheduling fee. We will contact you if there is any additional charges and to let you know how much they might be.

Once your theory test is booked

Once you book a theory test, you'll get an email confirming your booking. Print out this email and bring it along when you go to the centre. You'll need to complete a short form and pay £10 to book your test. We'll then give you 3 free retests.

To book a DVSA theory exam for Barnstable please have ready: * A current UK or NI driving licence* A valid debit or credit account for payment. Read more about how we run our exams here.

Barnstaple test centre’s theory test statistics

Latest figures, captured between April to September 2015, show the pass rate for men, women and overall pass percentage for Barnsgate theory test center. Between April and September 15, 1207 men booked an online theory test for Barnsate test center. 597 of the men who took the theory tested, passed.

Women make more mistakes than men when taking tests. The average pass rate for women is higher than that for men.

Overall, taking into account both male and female students who took the theory test, 2157 people booked online for the theory test. 1158 of them passed. This means the average pass rate of the Barrow theory test center is 51.3%.

Multiple choice

You need to answer each question correctly before you move onto the next section. There are two sections, and you must answer all questions in both sections.

Hazard perception

This is a test of your ability to recognize hazards and react appropriately. You must be able to identify hazards and take appropriate action.


Barnstaple Driving Test Centre should be situated near busy urban roads. Knowledge of roundabouts, junctions and crossroads is a necessity. Driving examiners may ask you to venture off onto rural roads. You need to know how to drive on primary 'A' roads. Emergency stops are an important part of the driving test.

To find out more information for your driving test route, visit our driving test route section.


You should avoid booking your driving test during rush hour traffic as this can cause problems for learners. Instead, book your test on Saturday mornings when the fee is higher. You can also book your test online.

Book a driving test by phone To book a practical driving test by phone, please see our Driving Test page for all DVSA (DVSA formerly known as the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) telephone practical test booking lines. The DVSA telephone numbers are automated test booking lines. An assistant can offer help via your options.

Booking your driving test online for the Barnstaple Driving Test Center. To cancel or reschedule your driving test, call the number provided.


The Driving test pass rates section shows all pass rates for all driving tests held in Barnstaple.

The gender gap

Men are more likely than women to succeed in the SAT. Women score lower than men because they're less confident about their ability to do well on standardized tests.

The most common mistakes that result in failure

Learners should learn to observe traffic signs properly before taking their test. They must also use mirrors correctly when changing lanes or directions. They must also practice safe driving techniques such as keeping their distance from other cars, following the rules of the road, and checking blind spots.

Drivers should always be aware of what's going on around them. They need to be alert, attentive, and responsive. When they see or hear something out of place, they must respond quickly. Drivers should maintain control of the vehicle while reversing. They should avoid making sudden movements or abrupt changes when turning.

Drivers who pass their driving test should be allowed to drive without restrictions. Learners should be tested regularly and if they fail to meet the required standard, they should be banned from driving until they do.

Remote testing centres perform the best

The Isle of Tiree has the highest pass rate in the UK. There were 17 people who took their driving test there between 2019 and 2020. All but two passed. This means that it had a success rate above 80%. Similar results were found for other minor test centres such as the Isle of Arran, the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly.

Driving tests are easy if you're in London or Birmingham. However, in other parts of the country, passing your driving test may be harder.

Age is a factor in driving test success rates

Learners who took their test when they were younger had higher pass rates than those who took it later. People over 50 failed more often than younger ones. The East Midlands was the hardest region for older learners to pass their tests.

Timing and your test

The best time to take your driving test is between 2pm and 2pm on a Sunday. The second best time to take your test is between 4pm and 4:59pm on Tuesday or Friday.

Cheating is on the rise

Cheating is a big problem for learner drivers. Over the last few years there have been more incidents of cheating than ever before. Learners who cheated during their theory tests got caught and had their licences revoked.

People who cheat on exams should be punished severely. Cheating on exams is a serious offence. A person who cheats on an exam should be punished severely.

Cheating on tests is very expensive. A person can get charged up to £1,600 if he/she uses an impersonator to help him/her pass the test. He/she can also be punished by law if he/she uses another person to help him/her cheat.

Cheating on a driving test is dangerous because it puts others' lives at risk. You may lose your car insurance if you cheat on a driving test. Your insurance company might think that you're an unreliable driver who needs to be banned from driving.

Complete our quick and easy, 5-minute BarnstapleTheory Test Booking Service form and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember, our ‘3 free retests’ scheme saves you money and gives you another chance if you’re unsuccessful.

To book a DVSA theory test for Barnstapleplease have ready:

* A valid UK or NI driving licence number.
* A valid debit or credit card for payment.

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Barnstaple test centre’s theory test statistics

Latest figures, captured between April and September 2015, show the current pass rates for men, women and the overall pass percentage for Barnstaple theory test centre. Between April and September 2015, 1207 men had made an online theory test booking for Barnstaple test centre. 597 of the 1207 men who took the theory test, passed.

This means the average pass rate at the Barnstaple test centre, for men, currently stands at 49.5%. For the same period, 1049 women had made an online theory test booking for Barnstaple test centre. 560 of the 1049 who took the theory test, passed.

This means the average pass rate at the Barnstaple test centre, for women, currently stands at 53.4%. 


Overall, taking into account both men and women who took the theory test at the Barnstaple test centre, 2257 had made an online theory test booking. 1158 of the 2257, passed. This means the current, overall average pass percentage of the Barnstaple theory test centre is 51.3%. 

Look out for the next instalment, where we’ll be covering the Barrow theory test centre.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Barnstaple You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.