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Swindon Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
South Suite
Ambrose House
30-33 Milton Road

Swindon Theory Test Centre

It is recommended that you complete DVSA theory driving tests before attempting practical driving tests. It is possible to take the Theory tests in a theory testing place in England, Scotland or Wales including the theory testing centre in Swindon. It is the most detailed book you will find at the Swindon Theory Testing Centre. It's possible for you if you want more info on our testing centres in Swindon.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Swindon

Wiltshire towns such as Swindon and Wilmslow offer some of its attractions and it has an excellent reputation for its computers. Today we also cover local theoretical testing centers. Join PassMefast in examining what to expect during the test day. We give you information on travel time, location, services and services.


You will need a driving license and a valid payment for arranging a theory test reservation. The two options for booking a test will be listed in the next paragraph. DVSA is able to manage any Theory Testing Reservations and Pearson Professional provides Theory Testing Services. Please indicate that you are suffering from any reading or hearing issues when booking a test for your health condition. Book Theory Testing by email Book Theory testing via email. No one will contact you unless you speak with a DVSA employee.

How do I get to Swindon Theory Test Centre?

It is very important to be 15 minutes early when travelling for an exam date at Swindon Theory Testing Centre. I would recommend walking. If you want to walk in theory tests, aim for Milton Road. Then walk there. Testing is situated in close proximity to the flower factory. If you're driving by car there are many parking spots within walking distance. Using buses: The bus stop is located close to the Theory Test Centre. If you travel on a bus you should go to Farnby Street and walk to theoretical testing.

Must Read About Swindon Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Swindon Theory Test

Swindon Theory Test Centre Swindon South suite, Ambrose House 3033 Milton Road Swindon S. Is there a place in Swindon for online theory testing? Look no further, we have a lot of detailed information on Swindon Driving Theory Test Centres. The following information is needed to book driving theory tests at Swindon Theory Test Centre. Swindonia Theory Testing Centre UK Driving Theory Testing in Swindon takes place on Milton Road in the Ambrose house.

Booking a theory test at Swindon Theory Test Centre

For a free theory test you can visit the DVSA website or call - 715-889-4603. Alternately, you may contact the DVSA Booking Service on 0800 00 122. If you book a test you should make a reservation and decide if you need a theory testing centre. For full details of all the tests centres, see this webpage. The passing rate is 52.3% national. It is very important that we prepare for our theory tests so that we have good chances for the first time.

Find Swindon Theory Test Centre

Train stations and bus stations are usually just steps away from most theoretical test centres. Sun Deed railway station. Rt. Swindon, SN1 1QQ. Station. Tel 0 88470 0225. Swindon Theory Test Center can be reached via the station in approximately 1 mile or 11 minutes. A parking area is available at Villett Street.

How to book your theory test at the Swindon Theory Test Centre

It's possible to get a theory test online from your DVSA. It is possible to book a driving theory test online from here. Reservations are simple. We'll provide you with everything you need to pass your motorcycle and motorbike theory tests and the theory examination you want.


During the term of a theoretical exam you can reschedule this test at a different time. To make such a decision, or if your refund cannot be paid, give the refund of your payment. Saturday is classed as a workday.


When you pay for Theory test bookings, the DVSA will send you a confirmation email. It is recommended that this email be printed to be shown to staff if any problems arise.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

Areas of high population density have comparatively shorter driving tests and waiting periods are a bit slower though. London tests for instance can take up to 12 weeks.

Can you do theory test online?

What is required for online testing? : Computer desktops and laptops that have Windows 8 or higher installed and. But phones, tablets or iPads are not compatible. Web cameras and microphones to monitor the results during the testing session.

When can you book your theory test?

You need to get a provisional licence to do theory tests. You will need 17 for this test. The only exception is that you must take a theory exam at 16.30.

How long is the wait for a driving test in Swindon?

It is now almost a year until Swindon's next round of applications has been announced. My advice to customers is to visit another town in the same area of town like Newbury or Chippenham, where waits are shorter. “The people who have been unable to pass the tests are undergoing the same tests in Swindon this year.

What percentage of UK drivers pass first time?

Although most British drivers will struggle to win the first practice test, most will be satisfied with their theory. 70% of Brits have completed their theory test first and the average British are successful at just 1.5 attempts.

Complete our quick and easy, 5-minute Swindon Theory Test Booking Service form and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember, our ‘3 free retests’ scheme saves you money and gives you another chance if you’re unsuccessful.

To book a DVSA theory test for Swindon please have ready:

* A valid UK or NI driving licence number.
* A valid debit or credit card for payment.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Swindon You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.