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Peterborough Theory Test Centre


Second Floor

Driving Theory Test Centres in Peterborough

Peterborough has its largest population in Cambridgeshire therefore it seems natural for learners to use the centre here. It is situated in the northwestern part of the county and is the ideal choice for residents and businesses. I highly suggest you get to the theory tests prepared. PassMefast provides exactly this guide – for the Peterborough theory tests. We've gone through many helpful topics, including instructions, passing rates, revision guides and more!

Peterborough Theory Test Centre

You should pass DVSA driving theory tests before booking a practical driving exam. You may take this theory test at any theory test site in England, Scotland or Wales, including the theory test facility at Peterborough. This informative guide covers everything about Peterborough Theory Testing Center. If you have a question about the Peterborough Test Centres then you can get some useful info on their website.


Test bookings can be completed either of the following three ways. You will need a valid drivers license. All theory tests and other tests are handled by DVSA, a department of the State Highway Administration. Please indicate if you experience difficulty with reading or hearing. The Peterborough theory testing center was managed by Pearson Professionals. Contact information of each company is available in the below section. Book theory testing online A method of booking a driving theory test can be done by phone.

How do I get to Peterborough Theory Test Centre?

When travelling to the Peterborough Theory Testing Centre, allow more time on the road to travel since unexpected events may be encountered on the route. The time for preparation should be 15 minutes in advance of your appointment. Tell me the best way to go walking: You should walk on New Road. If you come to Saint Mary Church you're closer to theoretical test sites. By car: The Brook Street parking spaces are available for you in case you intend to drive to the center of town. Theory Testing Centers are nearby.

Must Read About Peterborough Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Peterborough Theory Test

Theory testing centre- Peterborough. Address: Peterborough, Zone 4, Stuart House, John's Street, Peterborough. Are you planning online theory testing with Peterborough Theory Test Centers? Find out more details at the Peterborough Driving Theory Test Centre. You need a booking form for online driving theory tests from Peterborough Theory Training Centre here. Locations in Peterborough Theory Testing Centre UK Driving theory examinations are conducted on St Johns Road in Stuart House.

Booking a theory test at Peterborough Theory Test Centre

For booking the theory tests click here to visit the DVSA website. Alternately, you may contact the DVLA's booking service at 0300200 1122. You can pick up a theory centre when registering for the test for the first time. Please find all Theory Testing Centers on this web site. It’s very important to prepare for theory tests so that you’re prepared and have an easy pass rate. You can get some helpful resources on from other web-sites.


A new email notification is sent byDVSA, not a letter of confirmation. Please provide correct email addresses to be notified about your theory test time, location and reference number for the test. If you don't receive any e-mails, please visit the junk mails. Although not necessary for taking to the testing centers, it is advisable to print e-mails to show to center staff if a problem arises.


Trains and metro stations can be easily reached from the most popular tourist sites. StageCoach Stopbus Number 5 stops opposite St Mary Church Station phone number: 05733 554575. Peterborough Theory Test Centre is approximately 0.2 miles walking distance. Arrive with a car: A parking garage is situated in Northminster approximately five minutes' walk from theory testing centre.

How can I book my theory test at Peterborough Theory Test Centre?

You may schedule your theory test directly with DVSA. You may also schedule driving tests on your own. Reservations are easy on our website. All the tests required to pass the car/bike theory test and all your theory test needs can be passed.


DVSA says that the cancellation of theory tests will require a maximum of 3 business days of advance notification. You can still request a new arithmetic class at Peterborough by following the three-day deadline for your request.

Peterborough Theory Test Centre Address

Drive theory tests. Address. 2nd floor churchgate New Road Peterborough PE1 1TT Tel.

How long is the wait for a theory test Peterborough?

2-3 weeks Wait time based on recorded dates. Depending on the situation, wait time is variable.

Can you do theory test online?

This is the hardware that qualifies you for online theory. Phone, tablet or ipad are not allowed. Web camera and microphone for monitoring the tests before and during testing.

How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?

Similarly, regions with a higher population density tend to have long waiting times for driving tests. UK testing centers for example have waits for 12 weeks and more.

When can you book your theory test?

The Theory Test requires you to be 18 years or older for registering. The only exception is that you receive a mobility component from the Personal Autonomy Payment and you can then take your theory test at 16 years of age.

How long is the waiting list for theory test?

In contrast, regions with larger population numbers generally experience longer test waiting times. London tests for example require a minimum of 12 days for testing.

How long is the Peterborough theory test?

Two-three week wait periods recorded at the date of writing. Actual waiting times vary from person to person.

How long is the driving test waiting list Peterborough?

For the best driving tests in Peterborough visit You'll notice the waiting period is approximately 2 months.

How long is the wait for driving test UK?

The median national wait time for auto testing is approximately 15 weeks. 77 test centres are scheduled for an average waiting period of 24 weeks. "

Is the theory test 100 questions?

The auto theory exam is divided into 50 multiple-choice questions that the learner must answer correctly. Lorry and buses theory test has 100 questions with 87 on 100..


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Peterborough You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.