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Dolgellau Theory Test Centre Theory Test

Theory Test Centre Update: Please double check the test center address in your booking confirmation. We will be unable to reply to any queries regarding test books. Please double check the address in your booking confirmation, we will be unable to reply or answer any questions about test books.

Dolgellau Theory Test Centre Directions

Dolgellau Theory Test Center phone number. If you want to contact the theory test center, you must call the DVSA who manages theory test bookings. Their telephone number is 03002001122. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm please note we are not affiliated with the theory test center and are unable to provide any information or feedback to them.

Extending theory test centre opening hours

We're extending the opening hours at most Theory Test Centres in England and Wales. Typically, centres will open earlier and close later than before. Some centres will be open from 08:00 to 20:00, and others might be open on Saturdays or Sundays where they were previously shut.

Opening temporary larger theory test centres in England

We opened 10 new temporary centres this week. This means there will be more than 120,000 extra appointments per month. The centres will open in: Cambridge. Huddersfield. Leeds (2 centres). London (Docks).

London, Manchester, Wolverhampton

Taking a test at one of these temporary centres

These temporary larger theory test centres are working very well. There are robust covid-secure measures in place to ensure the safe of candidates and staff. Social distancing is being practiced by candidates and staff.

Protective screen at reception desk. Hand sanitiser available. Cleaning workstation before each test. Staff must wear a mask unless medically advised otherwise. Face coverings required by candidates.

Candidates must come into the testing centre alone to help with the social distancing. Pupils should also note that mobile phones must be turned OFF before entering the test centre and that there are strict rules about what you can do while inside the test centre.

There are no lockers for private belongings - they'll get a rigid plastic box to store them in, and they'll need to keep these under their desks while they're taking the test. Invigilators will be walking round the testing room, watching out for social distancing guidelines at every moment.

These details will also be included when you book your flight.

How our Theory Test Cancellation Checker can help

The DVSA doesn't have a theory test waiting lists and searching for theory test cancelation yourself takes time. Our Theory Test Cancellation Finder saves you time, stress, and money - you need a theory test before you can take your practical driving test. You'll be notified by email when there's an available theory test cancellation. You'll also receive a refund if we don't find any suitable tests.

Find Theory Test Waiting Times at your Theory Test Centre

You can select a driving theory test centre by typing the name of the centre into the search box. For example, if you type 'Edinburgh' into the search box, then you'll see the results for Edinburgh driving theory tests.

Book a test to upgrade your licence

You must call the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) if you need an automatic car, or medium size lorry to a large vehicle. Call the DVLA on 0300 200 11222 monday to friday 8am - 4pm. To book your test. Find information about call charges.

When you do not need a theory test

Theory tests are required before you can do any driving. You must pass a theory test to be allowed to drive. You need to take a theory test to get your licence renewed. You must take a theory test to move up a level in a motor vehicle category. You need to take another theory test to drive a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). You need to take a third theory test to drive a large goods vehicle (LGV).

Minibuses are smaller than trucks. Heavy goods vehicles are bigger than minivans.

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

Waiting times vary between theory test centers. You should be prepared for waiting up to 2 hours before getting called into the center.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Dolgellau You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.