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Chichester Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
Metro House
PO19 1BE
PO19 1BE

Chichester Theory Test Centre

Pearson Theory Test centre is the best centre for theory test preparation. The centre has been designed to provide you with all possible resources and help you prepare your theory test in the most effective way. You can contact us on 0800-023-5166 or visit our website at

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It is a centre where students can find theory test centre. The centre has been created to help the candidates prepare for their upcoming exams, and hence it provides them with study material and mock tests that are as close to real life situations as possible. It also helps them get ready for their exam by providing revision tips along with practice papers.

Arriving at Chichester Theory Test Centre

It is necessary to choose the best centre for your theory test. You can take a Theory Test in Chichester, or any other centre near you. It is better to have a centre that will help you prepare well for the test and ensure that it does not cause undue stress on your part. The theory test centre Chichester can provide you with everything needed to pass this exam, from mock tests and revision courses, up until where we also offer professional driving lessons so that our students are fully prepared before taking their actual driving tests at Lorry Driving School

Chichester Theory Test Centre

If you are searching for a centre that provides theory test centre in Chichester, then look no further. We have been providing the best quality of driving tests and theory test centre services in Chichester for more than 20 years now. Our team has worked very hard to ensure that we deliver high-quality service at affordable rates.

Chichester Theory Test Centre Address

Pearson Theory Test centre Chichester is one of the best testing centre in UK, which provides online theory test preparation classes. It has been designed to help students and professionals prepare for their IELTS or TOEFL tests.

Chichester Driving Test Centre Routes

Chichester Driving Test Centre Routes are based on the theory test routes and centre provides an opportunity to all candidates who want to learn driving in Chichester, Sussex.

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The centre provides theory test waiting times for over 150 Theory Test Centres in the UK. The service also includes a telephone number to call for a quotation and an online booking facility.

Driving Test Pass for Sam On The Opening Day Of Chichester's New Test Centre

Pearson Theory Test centre is located in Chichester, West Sussex. It has been set up to provide a test centre for driving tests and theory tests across the country. The centre can also offer other courses like lessons, driver training etc.

Bus station is situated on basin road, and train station is situated on northgate road.

The train station has two exits which are  chichester south exit and  chichester north gate exit.

There are also covered walkways to link the test centre with both stations to make it easier for students who take one of these modes of transport but live in other towns / villages close by that have no bus service from the cities/towns where they study at university without having to wait

It has a pass rate of 51.2%, above the national average pass rate of 49%. There are many driving theory test centres available all over

England and Scotland that have an equal level or better than Agri-test’s pass rate during this period (Feb to mid April 2018).

The public transport in chichester is excellent. The local public transport services are run by bus, coach and train operators. There are also many railway stations that serve the surrounding areas of torquay, bournemouth and honiton . In addition to being used for travelling between towns , these trains can be used as well for tackling theory test centres such transportation during other times of the year.

The pass rate of the theory test at the Aldershot Theory Test Centre is 51%.

A train station is a station where trains stop to load and unload passengers. Chichester train station is the most commonly used chichester train station in chichester, west sussex. It's located on basin road and it serves as the main hub for rail transportation within chichester. However, other railway stations are available such as those at Eastminster which takes about 8-minute walk from chichester train station or Arundel which takes 10 minutes walk

Chichester car park is located near the theory test centre which makes it a convenient location. The car park charges £1 for an hour or £2 for 2 hours of parking. You can also use public transport; there are several bus stops in Chichester city centre conveniently close to DSA's testing place, and two nearby train stations.

A bus stop is located opposite orchard avenue, approximately 2 minutes walk from the theory test centre. bus: a bus stop is located off bessborough park drive, close to chichester train station. car: on-street parking available near theoretical test center and close to cannon park

The parking space is the space in which a vehicle can be parked within a building or area. It may be behind, beside, by and across from other parking spaces. Parking space is usually referred to as parking spot for short; it may also have descriptive terms such as first-floor paved parking space or ground floor stall slot (some places call them stalls).

1. email us at email address to hear from us, please allow up to 24 hours for a reply – we can’t reply instantly but it will be one of our top priorities.

2.dvsa theory test centre has no email address listed on their website, another dvsa theory test centre is listed with an email — which could mean they have one? you may like to call the centres and see if there is somewhere online or via phone .


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Chichester You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.