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Carmarthen Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
The Mount
18 Queen Street
SA31 1JT
SA31 1JT

Carmarthen Theory Test Centre

Carmarthen Theory Test centre is one of the best centres in Carmarthenshire, Wales. We are providing good facilities to our students and provide them with quality education which helps them get success in their life. Carmarthen Theory Test Centre is a public school located in Carmarthen, Wales.

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One of the best things about centre is that it provides a complete test centre for all types of theory tests. You can also take private practice and find out if you are ready to pass your theory test. The centre will provide you with support in preparing for your driving test, and help guide you through every step so that everything runs smoothly during the day itself.


The centre is the best centre in carmarthen. It has been designed to provide quality education and training for those who are interested in taking up driving tests. The centre is a one stop solution for all your test needs, offering courses that cover all aspects of driving theory, practical driving skills and also safe driver development programmes.

Driving Test Centre in Carmarthen

Driving Test centre in Carmarthen provides the best driving test centre and provides their services at affordable prices. They provide you with a number of benefits like free parking, instant appointment booking, friendly staff and they also have an online system that allows you to make your payment instantly.

How to Find a Theory Test Centre

If you want to find a theory test centre near you, then it is very important that you check the centre's location on this page. The centre should be close enough to your home or office so that when there is an emergency and your car breaks down, it can take only 30 minutes for someone from the centre to reach at your place.

Carmarthen Test Centre

This centre is one of the best centres for carmarthen theory test. The centre provides excellent facilities to the students who are preparing for Carmarthen theory test. This centre has been established in order to provide quality education and coaching facility to all those students who wish to prepare themselves well before appearing in this important examination.

Carmarthen Practical Test Centre

The centre is a place where you can learn and practice test driving skills. It helps you to drive on the roads of Carmarthen city and also provides other services like car wash, parking, etc.

Arriving at the Theory Test Centre

Arriving at the theory test centre is one of the toughest tasks for car drivers. You have to pass a number of tests in order to get your driving license and you have no idea how much time it will take. It can be quite nerve-wracking if you do not know where your centre is located or what all they will ask from you during their tests.

Find the waiting times at your local test centre

CarMarthen Theory Test centre is one of the best ways to find out about your driving skills and what you need to improve. It can help you prepare for theory test in a very easy way by providing with an online practice exam, which will provide enough hints on how to prepare yourself for the theory test. You can take a look at your previous answers as well, so that it would be easier for you when taking the actual test

Test centre is located in car park

couper park and helmsdale. please note: this test centre is in a mobile testing centre.argyll and bute dvsa theory test centres oban theory test center .

The only carmarthen test centre is located in old station road, not far from old station and the river towy. It's centrally located so it’s easy to reach for both locals and visitors.

Driving test centres must only be contacted to see if a test is going ahead, often due to bad weather. To book your practical driving test at the carmarthen driving test centres by call, see the booking section for test booking telephone numbers. The dvsa telephone number is an automated service which will answer as soon as possible but please note that there may be times when you have to leave a message and someone will get back in touch within 7-10 working days .

Car parking

spaces are available there car parking spaces for the car in a car parking spaces are on offer at corsham driving test centre, this is to say that there will be more cars than spaces offered.carmarthenshire driving test centre reserves only one space per car plus two family members getting into the same car and three children aged 16 years or under they must also be wearing suitable clothing while going through their test as per camaraderie law so make sure you have an appropriate gear for this.

There are plenty of car parking spaces available at the corsham driving test centre, so you will not be held up in traffic jams with other motorists looking to book their practical driving tests here too. 

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Carmarthen You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.