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Northampton Theory Test Centre


West Suite
First Floor
Charles House
61-68 Derngate

Northampton Theory Test Centre

Northampton Theory Test Centre resides at Northampton town centre. It is just two minutes from train station and the bus stops are located close to the Drapery. Located in St Katherine Street near the theory testing site, the testing centres are easily accessible by walking down Gold Avenue. Parking is limited right at St Katherine's St., but there are many council-owned parking areas close to St. Peter's Way. The new building is just 5 minutes walk from our hotel. A mobile phone can give a clear walk direction to the destination.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Northampton

Northampton has one of England's most important towns so the only way to get the most out of this was to create a theory testing centre. We have compiled this guide so that you will have an easy time getting ready for your theory tests! This Guide to Northampton Theory Test Centre covers all of the necessary details from pass rates to the local amenities. Once you learn this information, you will begin your journey as an expert driver as soon as possible. We can go!


Test booking can easily be done by the use of two ways described below. You're likely to need a temporary driving license. DVSA manages all DVSA Theory test reservations and you need to mention if there are reading and hearing impairments during your bookings. Pearson Professional operates Northampton's theory test center. For more information about both organisations, visit the Booking section. Booking a driving theory test online is possible using an online booking system.

Must Read About Northampton Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Northampton Theory Test

The Theory Centre - Northampton Address Sol House, St. Katherines Street. How do we get online theory tests from Northampton? Look no further and you've found everything you need about Northampton driving test centres. The following is all the information you need to book a driving test online at Northampton Theory Testing Centre. Northampton Theory Test Centre Northampton Theory tests in Northampton can be found in Sol House in St Katherine Street.

How do I get to Northampton Theory Test Centre?

When entering your Northampton Theory Test Centre for your theory testing, it's important to get there 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the meeting. Pearson Professional manages the North Ampton center which includes toilets. Then walk the course to find out what theory tests are and how they work. The train station can be reached in minutes by car. The city has excellent transport links between London, Euston, Milton Keynes and Birmingham.


DVSA sends you confirmation emails rather than letters of confirmation. Check your email address to ensure that you are notified about your theory testing date, time, address, and reference number. If no email is received check the junk folder. Although not required to travel to the theory testing centre it is recommended that this email is printed for use by staff to show to centre personnel when problems occur.

Booking a theory test at Northampton Theory Test Centre

DVSA can book your theory test online 24/7. Alternately, you may contact the DVSA . During the booking process you should select the theory test centre in which name you want to take your theory test. Please view all the testing centers on this page. In the United States, the passing rate is 51.2%. It is very important to take the theory test to have good chances of passing.


Many trains can reach the theory test centre by walk. Northampton railway stations Black Lion Hill Northampton Northamptonshire NN1 1SP Station Telephones:. Northampton Theory test centre is about 0.6 mi or 7 minutes walk. Arrival by car: The garage is located at St Mary Street.

How can I book my theory test at Northampton Theory Test Centre?

The Theory Exams may be scheduled by the driver and vehicle standards agencies (DVSA). We offer driving theory test and training. Reservations are easy. We provide all of the tools needed to pass a car, bike or motorcycle theory test.


If you can't make the theory class at Northhampton then you can cancel or reschedule your exam. You have the right to cancel your theory exam if you have three days to make a refund. Saturday is not considered workday.

How long is wait for theory test?

Test centres in London typically wait around twelve weeks or longer. However, DVSA employs fewer driving examiners in large populations and the capacity to conduct multiple tests at a given time is restricted due to the size of the testing centre.

How long is the wait for a driving test in Northampton?

Currently there are 2 to 3 month waiting times for an upcoming driving test in Southampton.

Can you do your theory test online?

Google Chrome is currently available for Windows. A passing score on the system readiness check for the theory test which doubles checks if the computer runs the software. The test should be valid.

Are Northampton driving tests hard to pass?

And new drivers seem to have difficulty at Northampton test centres. In April 2018, the pass rate reached 49.7% compared to 54.7% in April 2017. The 2017-18 financial year has revealed a high volume of first-time buyers.

How many routes are there in Northampton driving test?

Each test center has 10 routes to test across various areas of the city. Most driving testing facilities offer four or six tests per day.

What is the pass rate for driving test Centre?

There's also another 5 best places for London driving test: Tolworth Carshalton Uxbridge. Linked article.

How many car test Centres are there in the UK?

Currently 380 tests have been held throughout the United Kingdom.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Northampton You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.