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Merthyr Tydfill Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
Ty Keir Hardie
Riverside Court
Avenue de Clichy
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 8LD
CF47 8LD

Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test Centre

You must take the DVSA driving theory test to get into driving classes. You may take a theory test in an England, Scottish and Welsh theory test centre. This guide provides you with information about the Merthyr Tydfil testing facility. This page will help you get the best information and advice on Merthyr Tydfil testing facilities.


Booking a theory test at all British test facilities such as Merthyr Tysfil is easily accomplished by using the two methods listed above. Just give the driver's information and your license. Please make sure you mention a disability when booking so we can give you advice as to your language issues. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) handles DVSA testing bookings and Pearson Professional conducts theory exams. Contact information is available in these sections. Book a Theory Test by phone. Theory Test Reservations can take place automatically on our website.

Must Read About Merthyr Tydfil Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test

Theory Testing Centers - Merthyr Tydfil Addresses Merthyr Tydfil 1st Floor Castle House, Glesbeland Street, Merthyr Tydfil CF478AT Book Theory Test - DSA Merthyr Tydfil Are you planning on booking a theory test at MERTHYRS Tydfil TS Institute? We have all the necessary details for Merthyryr Tyffil's Driving Test Centre. You can book an online driving theory exam from The Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test Centre and below is the information that you need.


DVSA sends emails to verify your theory tests. Give a valid e-mail address to receive confirmation of the date of your test. Check the junk folder. Although not essential for taking to theory test centres, it is recommended that the email be printed so that the staff can see it in case there have been problems.


Trains are often located within walking distance of many theory testing centers. Tydfil railway station Masonic Street. The Merthyr Tydfil Theory Testing Centre can be reached within two miles. A parking lot has been built on Castle Yard. About three minutes from Castle Yard's Theory Test Center.

Useful Resources

Some resources should be helpful in passing your Merthyr Tydfil Theory Tests. Click this link for further details! Pass the Theory Test on Merthyer Tydfil! Online Theory Course Intensive Driving Courses on Merthyr Tydfil Podcast – Swan & Soto Show Youtube Theory Review Videos.

How to book your theory test at the Merthyr Tydfil Theory Test Centre

It's easy to book the theory testing directly through the National Drivers Vehicle Standards Agency. We offer you a free driving theory test. Reservations at our site will be very easy to make. You will get everything you need for your car or motorcycle theory exam.


If you're not able to take part in Merthyr Tydfil's theory tests, you could have it delayed or cancelled. You can cancel the test at the correct time or date or cancel your registration in three-day advance. Saturday is considered a work day.

Can you do theory test online?

This is the basic requirement for an online test: Windows 7 or later. However, iPhones, iPads and Macintosh devices are not allowed for use. A microphone and camera to keep you in touch while performing the testing procedure.

How long is the wait for a theory test?

For tests in London, there is usually an average waiting period of at least 12 months. Although DVSA employs more driving examinations to perform the tests in high population areas, tests centres can only handle the number of tests to be performed during a given day because of the small size of these centers.

How much is a theory test?

An analysis test will cost £24 in car and £64 in the road test. The total cost of a lorry or other vehicle is shown in this table. Cars.

How can I cheat on my theory test uk?

Often times cheating can occur by a person cheating on their theory tests. One is to allow a candidate to use hidden Bluetooth headphones that are placed in their hands so they can listen to a colleague in the exam room.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Merthyr Tydfill You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.