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Glasgow Theory Test Centre


Third Floor
Empire House
131 West Nile Street
G1 2RX
G1 2RX

Driving Theory Test Centres in Glasgow

Learner drivers from Scotland will be delighted to know about our excellent Theory Test Centre, just minutes from your city centre. The guide outlines the basics of testing and what they are. Read this section to learn about passing rates, revision assistance, and transportation choices in the city!

How do I get to Glasgow Theory Test Centre?

When travelling through Glasgow the theory tests centre you should head into the city centre near the Clyde River. This is a guide to travel: Walking and leaving your home early: Walking may be longer depending on the location of your home in Glasgow. In the Cars: If you travel towards the center, the test center is at the east side of the M 8 highway. In a nearby town, plan your parking spot for the car. Bus: If you're taking a bus, Wellington Street is a stop near Theory Test facilities. You need 3 minutes walk to get to Theory Centre.


A theory test in Glasgow theory testing centre can be booked by either of two different methods described below. If you want more info please bring the vehicle licence with you. The British DVSA handles all UK theoretical tests booked with them. Telephone and email contact for Pearson Professionals conducting theoretical tests can be found in the booking section. Book an online study via phone: One of the bookable methods is via phone. Automated telephone bookings are now made in Glasgow.

Must Read About Glasgow Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Glasgow Theory Test

Theory Test Centre Glasgow Located in Pentagon Square a few minutes from the hotel. Are you looking for online theory testing centres in Glasgow? We can tell you all about Glasgow Driving Theories Test Centre here. If you need a driving theory online test in Glasgow Theory Test Centre this information is necessary. Glasgow Theories Testing Centre. UK Driving theory testing takes place in Glasgow from Washington Avenue.


The test centre is usually close to the train station and requires just a walk. Glasgow Railway Station North StreetAnderston Glasgow city G3 8RR. Station phone number: 0845748495. The station is around 0.2 miles (5 min walk). The entrance vehicle is located at Brown Street, a 5 minute walk from the theory test centres.

How can I book my theory test at Glasgow Theory Test Centre?

You may obtain your theoretical test directly from DVSA. We will also be happy to make driving tests with you. Booking on-line has always been simple but convenient. We're going to take all the necessary tests for your car bike theory.


When you don't want to attend your test for scheduled booking times, then you can cancel it with at least 3 working days notice. A copy of these notices will be provided in case a student wants their refund.

Glasgow Theory Test Centre Address

Driving Theory Testing Centres Location. Third floor Empire Houses, 13 West Nile Streets, G1 2RX. Telephone Number 0 800 111.

Can I book theory test in Glasgow?

You must complete DVSA driving theory tests in order to be eligible for your practical driving test. You are eligible to do this theory test at any theory testing centre in England, Scotland and Wales, even Glasgow.

Where do you sit theory test in Glasgow?

Test centres are at the ground floor of the Pentagon Center.

Can you cheat on theory test?

Is there any way to catch cheaters? There are 2 common methods for cheating on the theoretical tests. One is a candidate who wears concealed Bluetooth phone headsets in which he or she may quietly ask questions and be answered by someone else if the exam is not scheduled.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Glasgow You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.