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Exeter Theory Test Centre


North Wing Suite
Third Floor
Beaufort House
New North Road

Exeter Theory Test Centre

The practical driving test is required to obtain an authorised license by the DVSA. It'll be available for testing at a variety of theory testing centres in England, Scotland, Wales and even at Exeter Theory Testing Centre. The Short Guide provides information about Exeter Theory testing centers. You can find plenty of information about Exeter testing centres here.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Exeter

Exeter has five theories testing sites in its capital. If this is your home, take a look at our detailed guide to Exeter theory test centres. We have many useful information for ensuring a successful visit including directions, contact details, passes, and many other useful information!

How do I get to Exeter Theory Test Centre?

When travelling to a theoretical exam in Devon, it's advisable to leave 15 minutes early so that your appointment is not missed. This gives more time for preparation. Tell me the most important travel information: Walking: When planning to go to the theory testing center, arrive early. Cars: If your intention is to drive, be sure to plan your routes using maps or an Internet GPS system. By Bus : If you travel by bus, the bus station is located on High Street. By Train: Exeter Central train stations are located west of the theoretical testing centres.

Must Read About Exeter Driving Theory Test Centre | Book Your Exeter Theory Test

Theory Test Centre- Exeter address, 3rd Floor, North Wing Room, Beaufort House, New North Road, Exeter, EX4 4EP book tests - DSA Exeter Test Centre Please see map of the test centre. Why are people interested in booking theory exams online for Exeter Theory Tests? We have all the facts on Exeter' s driving tests centre. The following is the information you need to book online Driving Theory Test at Exeter Theory Test Centre. Exeter theory testing facility Driving theory tests at Exeter are conducted on NewNorth Road at Beaufort House.


Booking the theory tests in Exeter's theory testing centre is easy with either of the below two methods. Before registering, make an informed booking. ADVSA manages all theory and testing facilities in Britain. Contact information for Pearson Professional conducting the theory tests is available upon request. Book a test in person The system can be accessed by telephone and book a theory test. To schedule the theory test at Exeter click the book driving theory test page for telephone booking information.


Please provide the correct email address for booking as the DVSA may be in contact with you when you finish completing a theory test. If you don't get this, look into your junk folder. The email confirming the time and date of the testing will also give the contact name. While there is no requirement to go to the theory testing site, it is advised to print the email to give staff at the centre when there have been issues in this regard.


Theorie Test centers can be found near trains, sometimes only needing one minute walk. Train stops can be reached at Exeter Theory Test Centre. Exeter Central Train Station Queen Street. Exeter, Devon. A car park can be accessed from Howell Road approximately 4 minutes walk.


During your reservation if you cannot participate at the theory exam, the corresponding time can be rescheduled unless you give you at least three days advance notice. A notice of cancellation of the test is required in the form of an immediate refund of the test fee.

How can I book my theory test at Exeter Theory Test Centre?

You can request DVSA to conduct a theory testing for you. Book a theory driving lesson from our website today! We make bookings very fast. We offer everything necessary for a successful motorcycle theory test and a full theory test; the test you need to get.

Exeter Theory Test Centre Address

Driver Theory Testing Centres, North Wing Suite 3rd floor of Beaufort House, N. North Road, Exeter, e.

Where is the theory test Exeter?

The theory testing centre in Exeter was relocated to Beaufort House at the start of September 2017.

Can you do your theory test online?

This version will work on Windows; other web browsers cannot be used for this. Pass the system readiness check during the testing that ensures your computer is compliant and capable of running the test.

How long is the waiting list for a theory test?

Areas with a greater density of population, however, tend to experience more wait time for a driving permit. In London testing centers, waiting periods are typically 12 weeks.

How can I pass my theory test quickly?

10 Tips for a Successful Theory Test. Get a Theory Exam! ... Get into your book. ... Practicing hazards detection. ... Give me the hour. The first two are a series of three, but not two, and they are both in the same series, with two, and three, respectively, as well as two, three and four. Give mock tests. ... Please take some extra time. ... Do not leave a photo of your license. ... Make practice.

Can you do theory test online?

Here are the basics for qualifying for online tests: A desktop computer with Windows 8 or later installed. But smartphones are not supported on the Apple MacBook Pro or iPad. A Webcam or Microphone that will monitor your tests.

How long is the waiting list for driving theory test?

Compared to areas of high density, the waiting for the test of drivers is generally shorter. London test sites have a minimum wait time of 12 weeks.

How can I pass my driving theory test?

Tips for passing Theory Test. Book your study tests. = = = = Get on board. ... Get ready to spot the dangers. ... Give me hours! ... Give mock tests. . Give some more time. ... Please bring a photo of the license. Take a practice period.

How long is the wait for a driving test in Exeter?

A driving test can usually take up to two months. Learning drivers are advised to take this into account while making an application to drive tests.

Where is the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test?

Yeovil, Somerset finished second with 67% passing rates, followed by Dorchester in Dorchester 66% and Aberdeen South with 64.9%. Lee is second easiest with 65.8% passing percentage, while Blyth is 64.7%.

Where is the easiest driving test?

Simple testing. Egypt. The Egyptians had a minimum of 6 meters of driving distance for their exams but now this is tightened with a theory test that includes 10 questions. Manila. ... Ugandan. ... Mexicans. ... Colombia..


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Exeter You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.