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Coventry Theory Test Centre


First Floor
Warwick Gate
21-22 Warwick Row

Coventry driving Theory Test Centre

Coventry is a city located in England. Coventry is known as the City of Warwickshire, but most people call it simply Coventry. Coventry is famous for being the birthplace of the British Empire. Coventry is also known for being the home of the first ever jet engine. Coventry is also home to the National Space Centre. Coventry is also the home of the University of Warwick and Coventry Cathedral. Coventry is also famous for being the home of many great artists including John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough, William Holman Hunt, Augustus John, and Henry Moore. Coventry is also well known for having some of the finest museums in Britain. Coventry is also very popular because of its beautiful parks and gardens. Coventry is also a very safe place to

The Britannia Hotel is a great place to stay if you want to be close to Coventry City Centre. It also benefits from being slightly smaller than other hotels nearby. The DTC is an excellent resource for those preparing for their driving theory tests.

Coventry Theory Test Centre Coventry Fact File: address 1st floor, Warwick Gate 21- 22 Warwick Row, Coventry West Midlands CV1 1ET. waiting times (as of February 2018): 3-4 weeks. nearest railway station: 21- 22 Warwick Row. next up is yet another central City location - this time in coventry! if you call this number, be aware that there is NO DIRECT LINE available for this telephone number..

You need to book a theory test at Coventry Theory Test Centre. The theory test is a mandatory part of getting your driving license. It tests your knowledge about roads, traffic lights, speed limit, road markings, lane changing etc. If you pass, then you will get a certificate which allows you drive legally.

You can cancel your theory test booking up to 14 days prior to taking it by contacting us . You can also reschedule your theory test up to 14 days prior by contacting us via email or phone.

Arriving at Coventry Theory Testing Center The test center has free parking and is situated just off junction five of the M6 motorways. It's easy to locate using google maps. Pass rates by year have increased from 60% in 2004 to 95% in 2010 but then dropped back down to 87% in 2015.

Booking your Theory Test At The Coventry Theory Test Centre

The test centre has a number or booking options available including telephone booking, online booking, and walk-in appointment. Where can I park my car for my theory test in coventry? The Coventry driving theory test centre is located at 1a st marys way, coventry cv1 2lj. Parking is available onsite.

Coventry Driving Theory Test Center offers free online lessons to prepare you for your driving theory test. Their website provides a wide range of courses from beginner level to advanced, covering all the topics you'll need to know for your exam. You can take a one-day course or several shorter courses to cover all the topics you need to know before taking your test.

Book Your Driving Theory Test in Coventry

Book your DSA Theory Test today! We'll get you booked quickly and easily.

When booking your DSA theory test in Coventry you'll need

This test centre requires you to bring your own car. You need to bring a valid debit or credit card for payment. You also need to bring a valid UK or NI driving licence number. Click here for a map to the test centre.

Full coverage of all test centres. Experienced staff book your test.

Book your theory test online.

You need your: UK driving license number. email address. Credit or Debit Card.

Before you start to book your theory test.

You must have lived in England for at least 185 days during the last year before taking your driving test. 

You may be asked to complete a short questionnaire about your medical history before booking a test. This may include questions about your general health, such as whether you've been diagnosed with any illnesses or conditions.

When you do not need a theory test

You must pass a theory test before booking a driving test to upgrade your license. An automatic car license to a manual car license. From category A1 (small motorcycles) to category A2 if you've had the license for at least two years. From category C1 (medium vehicle) to category C if you passed a car driving test.

A minibus must tow a trailer. You don't need to take a theory exam before booking a minibus.

Before you start

You need your: UK driving license number. credit or debit cards. driving instructor’ s personal reference number if you need to check they’re available. You can check how much it costs to take your driving test before you begin. You must have lived here for at least 185 days over the past year before the day you take the test.

There’s a different kind of booking service available in Northern Ireland. You might want to check out this page if you need to cancel an appointment or make another one.

Book a test to upgrade your licence

You should contact the driver and vehicle standards agency if you want to upgrade your licence. Call them on 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm. There may be a charge for this service.

When you do not need a theory test

You should always pass your theory test before booking a vehicle. You don't need a theory test to take a tractor test. You don't need to take a test to upgrade from automatic vehicles to manual ones. You don't need an exam to move up the motorbike category. You don't need any kind of test to drive a lorry or trailer. You don't need anything to drive a bus or trailer.

A medium lorry licence is required before you can get a minibus licence.

Coventry Theory Test Centre Address

Coventry Theory Test Centre is located at Warwick Gate, Warwick Row, Coventry, CV1 1ET.

Coventry Theory Test Centre Directions

Car. If you are arriving via car, park your vehicle at the city arcade and pay 1 pound an hour. It is close to the test centre.


Pool Meadow bus station is situated near the University of Edinburgh campus. It is about 0.6 miles away from the test centre. The nearest stop is located on Greyfriars road.


Coventry train station is approximately five minutes' walk from the test centre. The train station is 0.5 miles away from the test centre.

Arriving at Coventry Theory Test Centre

This test centre is very easy for people who use public transport to get there. You'll need to take the bus or the train to get here. The nearest bus stop is right next door.

Coventry is a city in England. You can drive there easily by car. There is a theory test centre near here. If you want to go there, you should use your sat nav.

Theory test centres usually do not provide on-site parking because they want people to park nearby. There are several viable options within walking distance.

City Arcade car park (CV1 3RW) is only three minutes away. Parking there costs £2 per hour. You can also try your luck by parking at the Manor House car park ( CV1 2EY), which is five minutes away. It costs £3 an hour.

Pass Rates by Year

We don't care about pass rates at Coventry. We're here to help you get better grades.

Guides and Tips

You should study hard for your theory test because it is very important. You need to learn everything you can about the subject before taking the exam. Revision is key. Make sure you know what you need to know by studying hard.

There are plenty of useful resources available online that can help you prepare for your theory test. Here are some helpful links:

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Stratford-upon Avon is 16.7 miles away from Four Oaks by train. Four Oaks is 17.9 miles away from Stratford-upon-avon by train.

Places to Celebrate

Don't go home right away. Have a drink or two. There are some nice pubs around here.

This place is cool, but not too cold. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. You'll meet interesting people here. The beer garden is great!

The Town Crier is a great pub with lots of local beers, wines and spirits. There are also plenty of tasty homemade foods available such as burgers, pies, fish & chips etc. You could even enjoy some live music!

Critical workers

The original Critical Worker application process ended on 5 October 2020. You were successful in receiving critical/key worker status. The DVA is working with the Department Of Health on some priority applications for key workers who need driving for their work and whose job is ancillary to medical health or social care services.

Critical workers should be prioritized by the government when applying for driver licenses.

Special needs

Disabled veterans should be able to get an appointment for a driver test as soon as possible. Call 0300 200 786 2 and ask for a disabled veteran.

You should inform the operator when booking your driving test that you are calling about an 'Driving test for a disabled person'. Tell him/her specifically if you are deaf or have severe difficulties hearing. Are you restricted in your movement? Have any physical disabilities?

Drivers with disabilities should always get extra time during the driving test. The examiner should ask them if there are any adaptations fitted to their car, and if they need more time to complete the test.

Book change or cancel by phone

To book a private car or motorcycle you must first make a booking over the phone.  You should also have your provisional driving licence and theory test certificate ready. Credit/debit cards are accepted as payment.

Northern Ireland residency

You can't take a theory or practical test in Northern Ireland if you aren't normally resident there. To get a motorcycle license, you need to be resident in Northern Ireland. To book a test, you need to complete a residency form and send it to the Driver & Vehicle Agency with proof you're resident there.

How the theory test voiceover works

A voiceover tells you the theory test instructions and asks you questions. You can hear the answers by clicking on the answer options. You can hear the same questions over and over again if you want to check your answers.

Voiceovers are available in the above listed languages.

Interpreter assisted tests

There is no voiceover for this language. You can get help interpreting by calling an approved agency. The cost will be paid by you.

You must go to the test centre of your first choice.

Facilities if you have hearing difficulties

Deaf people can take the theory test in sign language. An interpreter can be brought into the test centre if needed.


After you have booked your theory test, you'll get an email confirming the appointment. You should check your junk mail as well because sometimes people forget to add the correct information. Your reference number will be included in the confirmation email.


You need to show your photo card provisional driving license when taking the theory test. If you hold an old-style paper driver's licence, you also need to provide a valid passport.

You should get a new driving license if you don't already have one. If you have lost your current driving license, you must go to the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to obtain a new one. Contact them by phone or online. If you have misplaced it, you may be able to get a replacement.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Coventry You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.