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Chesterfield Theory Test Centre


Room 3
Ground Floor
The HQ Building
Boythorpe Road
S49 1HQ
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Chesterfield Theory Test Centre

Driving Theory Test centre Chesterfield is a testing centre that provides the best in driving theory test. The centre offers all the courses related to learner drivers, including car and motorcycle tests.

Chesterfield Theory Test Centre

Chesterfield Theory Test Centre is a centre that offers driving theory test to the candidates. It also provides all kinds of driving tests and workshops related to the theory and practical aspects of driving. The centre is well equipped with modern equipment, latest techniques, as well as experienced staffs who are trained professionally in order to help you pass your theory test or any other kind of practical examination like car park permit etc..

Arriving at Chesterfield Theory Test Centre

Driving theory centre Chesterfield is one of the most popular driving centre in UK. This centre has been offering a wide range of services to its customers like car hire, road tax and insurance etc.

Find a theory test centre

Find a theory test centre is one of the best benefits that comes with an online driving centre. You can find the most suitable centre for you, by searching and selecting your city or town from their database. This will help you to choose the correct centre for your needs, based on location and date availability.


You can find Chesterfield theory test centre in Chesterfield, UK. It is a centre that offers driving theory test services. You will be able to learn how to drive with the help of this centre and get your driving licence.

Chesterfield Theory Test Centre Address

A centre is a place where people can go to learn or practice driving skills. You will find centre in many countries, especially in the UK and Europe. In India there are no such centres but private institutes have come up with their own centers for learning driving theory test and other advanced skill sets of car drivers.

Chesterfield Theory Test Centre Details

Chesterfield Theory Test centre is one of the best driving theory test centre in Chesterfield. The centre provides a complete range of services to people looking for driving tests, including theory and practical tests. You can book your practice test at this centre using our online system or by visiting the center personally.

Find the waiting times at your local test centre

There are many centre where you can get driving theory test done in Chesterfield. You should choose the centre that is nearest to your home, offers the best prices and provides fastest service. Choose a centre that offers free parking for customers who have taken theory test there earlier

Booking A Theory Test At Chesterfield Theory Test Centre

Driving theory test booking is very important for all the learner drivers, especially in Chesterfield. The driving theory test booking can be done at any of the most reliable and reputed driving theory centres in Chesterfield like by taking help from online booking services.

Book a test to upgrade your licence

It is important to update your licence with a driving theory test centre Chesterfield. This will help you in getting the right licence according to your age and experience. The cost of driving licence is different for different people and it varies from state to state. It also depends on the type of car that you are using while taking an exam or if there are any traffic rules which have been violated by the applicant during their journey

The pass rate of this theory test is 51% which shows that it is quite easier to pass the uk driving theory test. Female’s pass rate was higher than male in this centre too because more female’s attended these tests than men.

The road theory test centre is located in chesterfield, the road theory and driving practice examination center. Local motoring organisations have been setting up this facility for many years offering vehicle related courses including roadside first aid modules and road awareness tests to learners wishing to begin their driver training journey with the dvsa.

The confirmation for the theory test was sent to you via email, with your reference number. You will be required to bring along this confirmation and two other pieces of identification—photo ID (driving licence or passport) and either a bank statement or credit card bill that must show recent activity within 60 days prior to taking the test.

Driving theory test first time at the chesterfield theory test centre.

We try to test theory test car theory test as far away from car theory test centre in Chesterfield and around the country, so that candidates do not need to travel long distances before they can sit their theory test. The following is a list of testing centres where you are able to take your car driving theory test:

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The vehicle standards agency (dvSA) is an independent public body founded in 1965. The agency's aim is to keep motorways, highways, and other roads and bridges safe for the travelling public at all times by ensuring vehicles conform to a set of vehicle standards that are free from defects as required under motoring legislation passed by parliament.

These standards ensure safety more broadly through improving road infrastructure too; improvements include resurfacing UK roads and installing new traffic signs & signals across the country.

Driving theory test centre chesterfield learn to drive new licence. If you have lost your licence, will need to contact the dvla to order a new one. see tutorial section for information on obtaining a new licence  we all like reviews as it prepares us with what expect . write quick review of driving theory test centre chesterfield (Chesterfield) or let us know how it went.

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Public transport services may be provided by government agencies or companies that have been contracted out.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Chesterfield You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.