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Cheltenham Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
The Coliseum
18-20 Albion Street
GL52 2LP
GL52 2LP

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre

Cheltenham centre provides the best environment for testing. The centre has a good infrastructure, with great facilities and also has very experienced faculty members. This centre is located in Central Business District, Ooty. It stands on a land measuring nearly 15 acres (6500 sq feet).

Arriving at Cheltenham Theory Test Centre

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre is a centre for Cheltenham Theory Test and provide the best services to all the candidates. Our centre has qualified and experienced professionals who are always ready to help you in any way possible. We also provide comprehensive coaching classes before appearing in your theory test.

FINDING Cheltenham THEORY TEST CENTRE is a business centre that offers the best of the facilities and services for students. It is located in the centre of London and it provides all kinds of services to its customers. The centre has been developed with an aim to provide quality education, training, skills development, career guidance as well as job seeking assistance at affordable rates.

Cheltenham theory test centre is moving

The centre of the UK town Cheltenham is being moved because it's over-run with traffic. The centre of the town, which is home to many racecourses and has a large population, will be shifted on March 1st by around 100 metres in order to reduce congestion.

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre Address

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre is a centre that provides the best Cheltenham theory test centre in London. It also offers various other services like providing bookings for private tests, preparing candidates for their exams and offering mock tests.

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre

Cheltenham Theory Test centre is one of the best centres in Cheltenham, which provides an ideal environment for driving tests. It has a huge parking area and it also gives you adequate space to park your car during your test. The centre has all facilities like waiting rooms, disabled washrooms etc., that can help you pass your theory test on the first attempt.

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre Details

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre is a centre that provides theory test, driving tests and vehicle testing. The centre has been set up to help the people of Cheltenham pass their theory test with ease and speed. They have the knowledge about all types of vehicles and are dedicated towards providing you with all kinds of services related to them.

Find My Local Driving Test Centre

There are a number of driving test centre locations across the UK. It's important to find your local centre and book an appointment for your theory test as soon as possible. The sooner you book, the better chance you have of finding a slot that suits your schedule, even if it means travelling further than usual or booking over several days.

Cheltenham Theory Test Centre Details

The centre of Cheltenham is a centre that provides the best education to students who are looking for any kind of help in their academics. The centre also provides its services to those who have completed their schooling and want some more assistance.

Cheltenham Practical Test Centre

The centre is located in Cheltenham, a town of approximately 50,000 people in the south-west of England. It's easy to get to and it's central location makes it perfect for anyone travelling from London or the South West.

Cheltenham is one of only two test centres that are not part of an organisation. We don't have any fixed fees and our price depends on your budget - we charge less if you're on a tight budget!

We also offer other services like: Learner Tests; Driving Test Preparation Courses; CPD Training Courses with external trainers; Private Lessons (Rides) available throughout the week at short notice (only 8 weeks' notice); Last Minute bookings at very competitive

Cheltenham Driving Test Centre Routes

Cheltenham Driving Test Centre is one of the best centre for driving test and you can get best centre in all over UK. The centres are designed to help students pass their driving test on first attempt.

Cheltenham train station is a main train station for the area, offering direct services to Bristol City centre and London Paddington. Bus routes are also available from Cheltenham town centre in addition to its local bus station located off Gloucester road.

A licence can be gained by passing the theory test that is conducted at cheltenham theory test centre.

Cheltenham theory test centre is located in the north-eastern end of town. This means that while it’s fairly centrally located, those planning to arrive by public transport may have to spend some time on their feet before reaching their destination. The nearest station is Cheltenham Spa – this train service from Lydney can take around 45 minutes, during which you must change trains at Trowbridge (15 minutes) and then there are 3 more trains after that without changing at

The car park is just 3 minutes from the test centre.

The car park has a lot of space available and you can park your car there only for half an hour at £1.20, it’s really worth to save some money here as this will be a great help on your cheltenham theory now that everything else costs more than ever before!

The pass rate for the theory test is 50% and the pass mark for each section varies from one examiner to another. The pass mark of 86% is the average across all driving instructors, who have different standards considering their experience in teaching vehicle and road safety. As a result, it's not possible or reasonable to expect you can achieve an 85%-passed result by using any single method during the time before your exam. 

Complete our quick and easy, 5-minute Cheltenham Theory Test Booking Service form and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember, our ‘3 free retests’ scheme saves you money and gives you another chance if you’re unsuccessful.

To book a DVSA theory test for Cheltenham please have ready:

* A valid UK or NI driving licence number.
* A valid debit or credit card for payment.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Cheltenham You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.