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Chatham Theory Test Centre


14-16 High Street

ChathamTheory Test Centre

Please double-check the test centre address in you booking confirmation. We will not be able to answer any questions about test bookings.

Chatham Theory Test Centre Directions

Car. If you are travelling to the test centre by car, there is free parking at Sir John Hawkins Way. It is about 0.3 miles away. A 6-minute walk takes you to the test centre.


Chatham Waterfront bus station isn't far from the test centre, but you'll need to take a bus or taxi to get there.


The nearest station is 0.5 miles away from the test centre, and takes 10 minutes to walk. The test center is on the first floor of the building, next to The Cupcake sanctuary.

Arriving at Chatham Theory Test Centre

Public transport is very easy to use. You can get to your destination in less than 10 minutes. If you need to be dropped off even close to the test centre, then take a bus. There are two bus stops nearby.

You're getting a ride to your test! Just head over to the Medway council website by car. There's also a chance that someone's giving you a ride to the test, enabling them to avoid all that public transportation stress. If this is your charmed kind of life, just type ME4 4EP in to your sat nav.

The theory test centre is on a main road, just a few buildings away from the county court. There are blue 'Pearson' signs on both the windows and doors. You can park right next to the building, or you can take a short walk to get there.

The closest space is about eight minutes' walk away. It costs £1.50 for two hours of parking. There is another cheaper option nearby.

Pass Rates by Year

Pass rates aren't the be-all and end-all when it comes to judging testing centres. If you're looking for a place to take your test, Chatham theory test centre's pass rate has dropped below the national average in the last few years. Take your test there and see if you can help them get back up to par!

Guides and Tips

We recommend revising as much as possible before taking your theory test. Use the following resources to help you get ready for the exam.

There are many things you should expect when taking your theory test. You need to be prepared for what is going to happen on the day of your driving test. You should know how to handle different situations that may arise during the day. You also need to know how to react if something goes wrong while you are driving.

What is the theory test pass mark?

To pass the theory test you must get at least 43/50 correct answers. To pass the hazard perception test you must get at lease 44/75 correct answers.

Can I take my theory test online?

No. You must take the Theory Test at a Registered DVSA Theory Test Centre. Find a DVSA Theory Test Centre

What is the waiting time for a theory test?

Your theory test results should be ready within 5 working days after you book your test. However, if you need them sooner, please contact us by phone or email.

Before you start

You must have lived in England for at least 185 days within the last year. Car and motorcycle tests are £23 each. Lorry and bus testing costs £26 per part.

You should be aware that there may be a fee for this service. Please let us know when booking your test if you have any difficulties.

When you do not need a theory test

You must pass a theory test before booking a driving test to upgrade your license. An automatic vehicle license must be upgraded to a manual vehicle license if you've held this license for two years or more. A medium motorcycle license must be upgraded to large motorcycle license if you've held a small motorcycle license for two years or longer. A medium vehicle license must be upgraded if you've held a large vehicle license for two years or less.

A minibus can tow a trailer. You don't need to take a theory exam before booking a minibus.


Driving theory tests are easily booked online. You'll just need your provisional driving license number at hand. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency manages all UK theory test bookINGS. Pearson Professional conducts the theory tests. Telephone & email contact details can be found in the booking section.

Book a theory test by telephone


You're allowed to reschedule your theory test if you give three days' notice. Cancelling within three days gives you a full refund.


When you complete the booking process of your Theory Test, the DVSA will email you confirmation of the time & date of your test along w/ a reference number. In case of any complications, it's advisable that you print your Theory Test Confirmation E-Mails and take it with you.


Leave plenty of time to arrive as late arrivals may be unable to sit the theory test and will lose the cost of the test. Take along provisional driving licence, plastic photo card and if lost or missing, contact the DVLA to obtain a new one.

Booking A Theory Test At Chatham Theory Test Centre

To book your theory test you need to go to the DVSA's website. You can book your theory test online or by calling the DVSA booking phone number. Have your theory test centre you want to book your theory test. For a full list, please visit here. The pass rate is 51.3% nationally. It is really important that you study hard for your theory test to get the best chance of passing.

Preparing for the theory test is very important because it gives you the best chance of passing. You need to study hard to get the highest possible score.

How To Get To Chatham Theory Test Centre

Travel advice when travelling into Chatham to sit your theory test: Walking: If walking you will need to head toward the town center which is south of the river Medway. The theory testing center is situated along the high street making it an easy place too get to.

If you're arriving by car, the M2 motorway connects Chatham to the South and the River Medway divides the town from the capital London. If you're arriving from London into Chatham, do note the A20 quickly turns into the M20. If you're travelling by bus, there's a bus stop on the West situated at Hospital Lane.

You need to bring your provisional license with you to your theory exam. Otherwise, you won't be able to take the test.

Facilities available at Chatham Theory Test Centre

There is currently no information about the facilities available at the Chathams test centre. For advice regarding disabled access, it's recommended that you contact DVSA customer support on 030002001122. Click here for more details.

Cancelling or rescheduling an online theory test booking

If you need to cancel or reschedule your theory test appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll then pass this information onto Pearson Professional who will be in touch with you directly. Your provisional driving licence number will be required.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Chatham You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.