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Carlisle Theory Test Centre


Second Floor
Stocklund House
Castle Street

Carlisle car Theory Test Centre

A centre which provides theory test coaching for driving tests. You can get your Theory Test Coaching in Carlisle, and we also provide our students with the best practice car to practise their driving skills before they go on their test.

Carlisle Theory Test Centre

Carlisle Driving Theory Test centre is a centre that conducts carlisle theory test. The centre has various cars, motorbikes and scooters for practice. It also has some tools like cones and barriers to help the learner's improve their driving skills


Carlisle Driving Theory Test centre is one of the most popular driving theory test centre in Carlisle. The centre was established by a group of professional and experienced drivers who wanted to help people pass their driving theory test with ease. At the centre, you will find helpful materials for all types of questions that can be used for your practice.

Arriving at Carlisle Theory Test Centre

It is really a good idea to know how to drive in order for you not to be fined by the law. Driving Theory Test centre at Carlisle can help you with your driving theory test and will provide you with all the necessary information regarding this subject matter. You need a car license before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle, so it's very important that you understand everything about driving and if there are any rules that are specific for each state or region where one lives

Carlisle Theory Test Centre Details

Carlisle Driving Theory Test centre is one of the best driving theory test centre in Carlisle. Carlisle is a city located in Cumbria, England. The driving theory test centre has been designed to help you learn about carlisle rules and regulations for both new drivers and experienced drivers alike.

Carlisle Driving Test Centre Routes

It is necessary to check the centre of Carlisle before you decide to take your driving test. If you are looking for a centre that provides high-quality carlisle driving test routes, then we have compiled a list of them here for your convenience.

Carlisle Theory Test Centre

Carlisle centre is one of the best carlisle driving theory test centre in Europe. The centre offers a range of services like, Car Test Centre, Driving Theory Test Centre and many more to help you pass your theory test easily.

Carlisle - Test Centre Address

Carlisle Driving Theory Test Centre is a carlisle driving theory test centre that provides carlisle driving theory test services for learners who want to pass their carlisle car driver's tests.

The train station is a short walk from the theory test centre. Carlisle Driving Theory Test Centre is located at the following address:

The Railway Station, Carlisle Cumbria, CA3 6BQ. (UK)

The bus station

 is situated on lonsdale street and is approximately a 3 minute walk, o.1 miles to the test centre. The bus station can also be accessed by car or train via cecil st, westbound 48 (road), there are two bus stops here: one near the moorside hospital and another at the side of garfield road, opposite palmers supermarket. If you’re looking for a bus to travel to carlisle theory test centre then head

The carlisle train station

is a few minutes walk away from the train station. You can take train to carlisle test centre and visit railway exhibition, see the trains which are once used by royal family during world war 1.

Carnegie test centre pass rate

is 45.5% as compared to 54.67%. The pass rate at this theory test centre has remained the same for 10 years and was higher in 2008 when it was 53%, but a new secretary of state code now requires all driving theory centres use computer scoring systems, making things more difficult than they were previously:

Because Carlisle hasn't changed their pass rate recently then we have used data from 2005 onwards which shows that overall the pass rate has fallen from 53% to 45.5%. The pass rate has risen back up since 2005 and is now at 44.7%, but the rise in 2008 was due to the introduction of a new system of computer scoring so we can't say for sure that this theory test centre hasn't become more difficult recently, as they were always going to be using computers when they introduced them across England and Wales in 2009 anyway:

Driving theory test is an important stage of the licence process. The purpose of driving theory test is to identify whether you are ready to start driving on public roads, this will help you avoid unnecessary delays when passing your practical exam in the future

Booking A Theory Test At Carlisle Theory Test Centre

Booking a theory test at Carlisle Theory Test Centre is very easy and convenient. You can book your theory test online through, it will take only 5 minutes to complete the booking process after which you will be directed to the official website of Carlisle Driving Theory Test Centre for payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card or Paypal etc., The whole booking process takes less than 30 seconds in total so don't waste any more time and book your own carlisle driving theory test now! 

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Carlisle You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.