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Theory Test

The theory test is one of the required tests for getting a driving licence. A theory test consists of two sections: Book 1 and Book 2. The first section contains questions that are assessed under “A” type which focuses on general knowledge about road rules, traffic signs and signals, road layout, rural areas etc., whereas the second part carries out more testing related to speed control system (braking) regulations according to EU directives like EMC Directive 2009/102/EC .

At what age can I apply for my provisional driving licence in the UK?

In the UK, there are three types of licence for driving vehicles: provisional licence, full licence and a professional driver’s licence.

Pupils need to be at least 15 years old to apply for their first provisional driving licence. The minimum age is 18 years old in order to apply for a full car license. Learners must also have held their previous learner’s permit or completed an approved course of instruction before they can obtain a full motor vehicle license from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Getting your licence

There are many licence tests that you can take to get your licence. However, the best way is by taking a theory test. The main reason for this is because it allows you to gain more knowledge about driving on public roads and helps you learn how to drive in the right manner.

Make Sure You Have Your Provisional Licence

The licence is a permit issued by the road transport department to authorize the holder of an automobile or motorcycle licence for driving on public roads. The provisional licence is obtained after passing Theory Test, which helps you in getting your full licence within few days and months.

Motorcycle Practice Test 1

Motorcycle Practice Test 1 is a motorcycle practice test designed to help motorcycle riders pass their theory test. This motorcycle practice test has been developed by experts who have worked in the field of automotive education for many years. Motorcycle Theory Test 1 helps you prepare for your theory exam on motorcycles and get ready to ride legally on public roads

Motorcycle and car tests

motorcycle and car tests have many advantages. First of all, motorcycle and car tests help you learn how to drive a motorcycle or a car in the best possible way. Secondly, they also provide knowledge about traffic rules that you need to follow while driving your vehicle on road.

Motorcycle and car tests

Motorcycle and car tests are extremely important for motorcycle riders and drivers. Both motorcycle driving tests and car driving test involve multiple components such as observation, calculation, memory, comprehension of traffic signs etc.

Motorcycle Theory Test

Motorcycle Theory Test is a motorcycle theory test which will help you to prepare for the motorcycle theory test. The motorcycle law in India has been revised by various changes and now it’s very different from other countries like USA, Canada, Australia etc. DOT Test Schedule + Theory Testing List

Along with the DOT test schedule and practice tests, we have a useful introduction to the theory testing list. Using this helping resource you can prepare for every area on your motorcycle license exam even if it’s different from what was covered during your behind-the-wheel training course!

Practice Car Tests (Car Driver’s License) in India are usually 4 hours long , but when you take our car practice tests then… Our answers will let you know exactly how much time, money & effort should be spent earning that new driver’s license

In this article, I will answer questions about the theory test. The sample questions are just a guide to help you prepare for your theory test

This theory test includes driving on motorways, driving for 12 hours without stopping and carrying out an emergency stop.

UK Diagnostic Theory Test

UK Diagnostic Theory Test is a uk diagnostic theory test that helps the students to study in a proper way. It has been designed by the best professionals and it will help you to score better marks in uk diagnostic theory test, which will lead you to get good ranks.

Get Ready for Your 2022 DVSA Theory Test Now

The dvsa is a government body that regulates the driving test. dvsa provides all necessary information for theory tests, including online practice papers and revision guides to help you pass your dvsa theory test as soon as possible.

Pass your Driving Theory Test in 2022 with the latest, official DVSA learning material!

The dvsa have announced that the dvsa theory test will be re-written from 1st September 2017. This means you must have a great understanding of how to take and pass the dvsa theory test in 2022!

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Booking booking is one of the most common queries. Booking booking helps you to get all your booking related questions answered by our team of professionals. Just fill in your details and one of our specialists will contact you within 24hrs for an enquiry or booking.

dvsa Clinic Website | DSA Road Test Providers Our services is under the name dvsa clinic. We provide all types of driving lessons, from beginners to law students. All our instructors comes with a vast amount knowledge about the dvdq road test , hence we can rest assured that even if you have no previous experience on car driving skills still we are here with insight and real exam practice material too so not only that but also help educating learners get

Booking a Theory Test

Booking a theory test is one of the toughest tasks for anyone who wants to take up driving. However, booking a theory test can help you learn the basics of driving and make sure that you are ready to drive on your own after passing it. You may need to book several tests before getting an actual license. If this is your first time booking one, then we recommend booking in advance as there are limited slots available at most centers across the country . If you are set to book, then follow the steps below.

The Road Test Exams (PDF) | DVSA routes and student discount You can access this over at our dvsa route section here or by clicking on the links bellow driving theory test cost

Booking or changing a theory test date

A booking or changing a theory test date is an important task for the student. If you want to change your booking, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, if it is possible for you to book another date in future, then don’t delay and try booking now as soon as possible because most times the earlier booking gets confirmed first time than later one. If it is unavailable, then ask your instructor or examiner what to do next. Take this opportunity and avail yourself the first time option offered by the DVSA if you are fit enough to take it.

DVSA Ridesharing guidelines A word of advice while driving with a learner, make sure that at least one other person in the car can sit opposite you behind seat who has 1 license already earned when he received his driving test so as for example safety reason in case something goes wrong during travel , till after exam video will show all along trip nothing but hopefully driver checks licence book

The multiple choice driving theory test gives you a chance to check your knowledge of the rules and will determine whether or not you are ready for your written exam. The multiple choice questions on the road rules theory test cover safety aspects such as speed limits, drink-driving, seat belts and mobile phone use behind the wheel. As well as Highway Code rules and road signs, such as roundabouts.

If you need to review the theory test questions before booking your practical driving tests are required by regulation to hold a Theory Test Refresher provided at all times while on t’he road , because if any mistakes go wrong in first time then student is compelled to sit again another session of retesting on that same day which may not feasible for some students unless they have parent/family who can accompany them or studying abroad

The multiple-choice questions are designed to help you get a rough idea of how much you already know about driving rules in the UK, and can be used as preparation for your theory test. These questions have been taken from real-life situations so that all drivers will see themselves facing similar scenarios during their test at DSA.

For example:

The driver has to give way on a roundabout, so the question is which road they need to turn left at (it may be marked no entry or red)

Questions are asked assuming that you do not immediately see the situation. For instance, if another car pulls out in front of you and cuts across both lanes because it cannot leave space for your vehicle – would this type of driving normally be risky? If there are two vehicles coming head-on but one is making quite slow progress could it get caught up behind you nicely using all his/her own lane ahead might move

That theory test revision questions have been designed to test your hazard perception. You will be able to answer all these questions correctly if you are quick, accurate and confident when it comes to driving Your theory test revision questions has been proved as effective in the past by many drivers who passed the theory test after just a short time Our technology enables us allow people with visual impairment or dyslexia (dyslexic) understand our audio content better than ever before Official DVSA free online practice tests for Theory will help you pass the test on 5 July. Get your PASS certificate

Driving Test Standards Issue 1 (DES1) overhauled the previous theory test in August 2012 and updated it with more information about general driving, traffic signs and road markings, as well as rules specific to driving when young or elderly This made changes to the format of some questions DSA confirmed its post-test revision system would be available until September 2013 for those who were taking their practical Driving Tests before that date It also committed itself not to charge anybody exam fees if they failed

the theory test revision questions were updated in August 2012 and will be available until September 2013. People who take their practical driving test before that date can benefit from the post-test revision system free of charge.


*To Qualify For a Free Resit You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.