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Motorcycle Theory Test | Key Facts You Need To Know

There are a lot of misconceptions about the motorcycle theory test. To clear up any confusion, let’s sort fact from fiction. These are the key facts you need to know to book your motorcycle theory test, today…

Booking Your Motorcycle Theory Test

To book your motorcycle theory test, you must:

* Have a provisional motorcycle licence

* Be aged 16 or over if you’re learning to ride a moped (no more than 50cc)

* Be aged 17 or over if you want to learn to ride a motorbike

Mopeds, although classified as motorcycles, are different to motorbikes in that mopeds do not have an engine size larger than 100cc, and they don’t have a manual gearshift.

You can take the motorcycle theory test before or after you’ve taken compulsory basic training (CBT).

What Does the Motorcycle Theory Test Involve?

Similar to the car theory test, the motorcycle exam has two parts – a multiple-choice section and a hazard perception test. However, the content of the motorcycle test is entirely different.

You can book each part of a motorcycle theory test separately (you don’t have to take both on the same day). However, you must complete both parts of the test successfully to pass.

I Drive a Car… Do I Have To Take a Motorcycle Theory Test To Ride? Yes… you have to pass a motorcycle theory test before taking the practical motorbike exam.

If you’re currently riding a moped, you don’t need to take a motorbike theory test if you passed a moped test after 1 July, 1996 and you want to:

* Take the motorcycle test on a category A1 small motorbike


* Upgrade your motorcycle licence under the ‘progressive access’ (also known as ‘staged access’) rules.

For more information on the UK motorcycle theory test, click here.

Book Your Motorcycle Theory Test Today

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The service also supplies resources to help you prepare for your practical and theory tests.

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